nedjelja, 17. travnja 2011.

Slayer - Live at Olympic Stadium, Moscow, 15.03.2011.

Slayer in Zagreb.
Here's a rather good sounding show from the current Slayer tour, European Carnage 2011. I was lucky to see two shows on the tour, one in Rome with Gary Holt replacing Jeff Hanneman, and the other in Zagreb, with Pat o'Brien replacing Gary replacing Jeff. Both shows were absolutely wonderful, and so is this one - the set list differs slightly from the one at the shows I saw, with "Snuff" and "Seasons in the Abyss" replacing "Hallowed Point" and "Mandatory Suicide" in the latter part of the tour, but most of it is the same. With the last two Slayer albums being an incredible return to thrash metal form, because of me never having seen them before, and after all the hassle of getting into the sold-out show in Rome (through a hole in a fence, across a tennis field, by the roadies, through the kitchen, and into the first row!), I will always remember that evening.

And the Devil saw that it was good.

Track listing:

1. Intro (1:31)
2. World Painted Blood (4:59)
3. Hate Worldwide (2:58)
4. War Ensemble (5:19)
5. Postmortem (3:44)
6. Hallowed Point (3:33)
7. Dead Skin Mask (5:53)
8. Silent Scream (3:13)
9. The Antichrist (2:57)
10. Americon (3:43)
11. Payback (3:10)
12. Mandatory Suicide (4:16)
13. Temptation (3:32)
14. South of Heaven (4:23)
15. Raining Blood (3:08)
16. Black Magic (3:42)
17. Angel of Death (6:10)