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Dusevna kataklizma - Demo

This is the first band I had friends in, back when I was in my second year at high school, so that was a big deal for me then. The whole trip of listening to a song my friends wrote or watching them onstage playing - I was completely starstruck. Years passed, the band fell apart without accomplishing much, my cassette which contained their demo got lost, and it was a full decade before a friend unexpectedly found the demo on Soulseek, downloaded it and gave it to me. Listening to it now, well, I don't enjoy it nearly as much as I did then - it sounded much better back when I didn't have many other punk rock tapes to compare it to. Still, it does hold some historical significance for my friends who I went to shows with, and a cool punk rock riff will pop out now and then... Listen and decide for yourself.

Track listing:

1. Prezir (1:18)
2. Buka (2:02)
3. Rupe u tijelu (1:53)
4. Greska (0:48)
5. Noz (1:36)
6. Malena stvar (1:14)
7. Samoubojstvo (2:28)
8. Bitka (2:20)
9. Mi imamos mnogos problemos (1:35)
10. Kraj (0:13)


subota, 26. veljače 2011.

MDC - Live in Maribor 9.10.1990.

Here's a semi-official live release by hardcore survivors MDC, recorded in Maribor, Slovenia in 1990 and released by the Slovenian Front Rock label. The sound is rather good, except for the vocals being too high in the mix (typical of soundboard recordings), and the lineup featuring Rancid's Matt Freeman on bass, whose overplaying I can't stand (I never understood how guitar heroics were banned from punk rock, while at the same time bass masturbators like that guy are hailed as gods). Also, our Slovenian pals were a bit cheap so they recorded the show on previously used tape, the result of which being that you can hear backwards music during the silent parts between songs. The set list is a bit strange, as this was recorded on the tour for the questionable "Metal Devil Cokes" album, but it does feature a few of the classics, alongside amusing covers of "Folsom Prison Blues" and "Wooly Bully" which you can't hear on any of their official releases, as far as I know. As a side note, the track listing on the LP only lists the last three songs with a "?", and I can understand not knowing the MDC song "Beat Somebody Up", but how can you not recognize fucking "Folsom Prison Blues" and "Wooly Bully"?! Bloody punk rockers.

Oh yeah, thanks to my friend Ivan Culjak for giving me this LP and a Dwarves 7" as an unexpected present.

Track listing:

1. I Hate Work (1:23)
2. Greedy & Pathetic (1:15)
3. Chicken Squawk (3:36)
4. Born to Die (2:19)
5. John Wayne Was a Nazi (2:57)
6. S.K.I.N.H.E.A.D. (3:24)
7. Dead Cops Rock (1:54)
8. Violent Rednecks (0:40)
9. Dirty Harry for President (2:22)
10. Dick for Brains (2:56)
11. My Family Is a Little Weird (2:20)
12. Knucklehead (3:02)
13. No More Cops (2:16)
14. Deep in the Heart of Racist AmeriKKKa (1:50)
15. Folsom Prison Blues (2:56)
16. Beat Somebody Up (2:34)
17. Wooly Bully (2:12)


petak, 25. veljače 2011.

The Steve McQueens - Complete Discography

I have a bit of an obsession about this band - perhaps it's because I got their debut LP at a time when I only owned 15 or 20 punk rock tapes, or because they never had any success and I have a soft spot for unloved bands (I want to give them all the love I think they deserve, but do not get), or just maybe they really were great? Their sound is ramshackle, anti-fi garage punk, recorded so badly that I frequently have trouble differing between the bass and the drums, or the lead guitar and the vocals, and I don't think I ever understood a single word that was not part of a song title (OK, I think the chorus of "I've Got BSE" goes "I've got BSE, oh yeah!" but that's about it). I love them all the more for it. They came from Germany in the mid-nineties, released an album on Incognito Records in 1996 and another one on Radio Blast Recordings in 1999, along with a few singles, a split single and a couple of compilation appearances; by the turn of the century they were no more. Here then is their complete recorded legacy, 42 songs ripped from vinyl, in the hope someone beside my friend Josip will finally agree with me and say "Man, this is some of the best punk rock ever!" Give them a chance!

"Got a Mission!"

Track listing:

1. Hey Hey Hey (1:52)
2. Cruise Missile (1:41)
3. I Hate My Job (1:56)
4. I've Got BSE (1:51)
5. Come On on a Ride (2:05)
6. Make Her Mine (2:43)
7. Can't Get That Baby Outta My Head (2:29)
8. Coolest Girl (2:06)
9. Sissy Jerk (Supercharger) (1:24)
10. She Lied (1:53)
11. I Don't Wanna (2:09)
12. Radio (traditional) (2:00)
13. I'm a Loser (But You're a Loser Too!) (2:24)
14. She's So Cool! (2:12)


"We Sell Millions Nationwide"

Track listing:

1. I Like Rock'n'roll (1:50)
2. Stay (1:38)
3. I Wanna Go (1:53)
4. I Don't Care (2:18)
5. If You Say (1:52)
6. Mission to Rock (2:08)
7. First Time (1:25)
8. Destination Dead End Street (2:26)
9. 1/25 (1:16)
10. Real No. 1 (1:16)
11. Not the Time to Grow Up (2:01)
12. If Only Someone (1:57)
13. She's Alright (1:29)
14. I Don't Know (2:27)



1. Action (1:37)
2. I Want You (To Go) (1:26)
3. Last Night (1:36)
4. She Lied to Me (1:47)
5. Trini Trimpop, Get Off the Air!!! (2:14)
6. 1995 (2:05)
7. Wild Jane (Rip Offs) (2:06)
8. Mission to Rock (2:06)
9. I Wanna Go Out with You (2:32)
10. Thinking (Of You) (1:47)
11. Loserville (2:35)
12. Everybody Hates Me (Loli & the Chones) (1:01)
13. What You See (1:37)
14. Gasoline (1:44)


srijeda, 23. veljače 2011.

Youth of Today - Live at Van Hall, Amsterdam 1989

I never got into the Straight Edge thing, not musically, even less ideologically. Actually, I come from a city of 105,000 people, with a rather active punk rock/hardcore scene, which has never had even one straight edger to be embarrassed about. However I really like the Youth of Today, whose "We're Not in This Alone" LP is in my eyes (ears?) an absolute hardcore masterpiece. This is a bootleg 7" taken from a show during their 1989 European tour, and it was given to me some ten or twelve years ago by my friend Srdjan, who plays drums in a Serbian hardcore band called Unison (in my opinion the best hardcore band in the Balkans - check them out). He was straight edge then (or wasn't? he's not now, so according to the sXe doctrine, he never was?) and I was very much NOT straight edge, I had never heard YOT, and listening to this 7", I didn't really become a fan - the sound quality is shit, as it was recorded by a member of the audience on a Walkman. Still, now that I enjoy their other stuff, I'm glad to have this, seeing how I rate rather low on the pretentious asshole scale of rare record possession, so hvala još jednom, Srđane! Of interest to you might be the two covers on side B, I mean SIDE XX, which have not appeared on other YOT recordings, at least not official ones.

Track listing:

1. A Time We'll Remember (1:48)
2. No More (3:03)
3. Break Down the Walls (2:47)
4. Can't Close My Eyes (1:14)
5. Malfunction (Cro-Mags) (3:08)
6. Minor Threat (Minor Threat) (1:53)
7. Standing Hard (0:47)


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Glasshopper - Glasshopper

Another noise rock band from Croatia, this one came from the harbour town of Rijeka. Rijeka had had a very vital punk rock/new wave scene from the late seventies onwards, and the local "Ri Rock" sound has been hailed and loved so much that I think I am not alone when I say I'd had enough of Rijeka's daring, aggressive, arty and theatrical rock sound for about four lifetimes. Long and fruitful ones. This band, however, didn't really have anything to do with its hometown's rock tradition, which is good, and it was a good band, which is even better. They had appeared on two of the compilations I shared with you some posts earlier, and this is their sole official release, a seven song CD on Earwing Records/Carnival Tunes. From what I gather some of the guys from the band have continued with other bands and the band leader Marin now leads a reportedly great, but abysmally named group "Marinada". I haven't heard any of that stuff so I will shut up and leave you with this very good mini album.

Track listing:

1. Control (3:03)
2. Black Shoes (3:43)
3. Give Me That Night (2:39)
4. Ants (2:36)
5. La guerra es finida (2:32)
6. Bark (2:17)
7. Song (3:27)


utorak, 15. veljače 2011.

Why stakla - Live

Here are four live recordings by the amazing Why stakla, the greatest "ekstreme guitar noise" rock band from Osijek, whose debut "Daj, dodji!" is one of my favourite albums of all time. Among these recordings is the complete show they played with Hammerhead in Ilirska Bistrica in 1995, and this is now my second favourite recording of theirs. It features a great cover of Big Black's "Fists of Love" (shame the channels get mixed up towards the end of the song but you can't have everything - where would you put it?). There are also three otherwise unreleased songs here, the sound quality is good to excellent, and all in all it's a great hour of music. Oh and by the way, the 1995 recording is their supporting show for the wonderful Hammerhead. They have also played with Killdozer and the Melvins so that should give you an idea of where they were coming from musically. Geographically they were coming from a place where people are much more likely to be Killdozer subject matter than Killdozer fans. I know, I grew up there. :D 

Track listing:

1. Struja (Ilirska Bistrica 20.11.1993.) (2:46)
2. Vrag (Ilirska Bistrica 20.11.1993.) (0:56)
3. Nemas (Ilirska Bistrica 20.11.1993.) (3:37)
4. Stara obecanja (STUC Osijek 1993.) (2:58)
5. Udi (STUC Osijek 1993.) (2:27)
6. Dodji (STUC Osijek 1993.) (2:40)
7. Kratko i jasno (STUC Osijek 1993.) (0:28)
8. Anal Boys (STUC Osijek 1993.) (3:02)
9. Konj macka magarac (STUC Osijek 1993.) (2:59)
10. Sah (STUC Osijek 17.5.1994.) (2:16)
11. nepoznata (STUC Osijek 17.5.1994.) (2:27)
12. Hrpa (STUC Osijek 17.5.1994.) (3:38)
13. Nemas (Ilirska Bistrica 1995.) (2:54)
14. Rekla si (Ilirska Bistrica 1995.) (2:15)
15. Dan poslije (Ilirska Bistrica 1995.) (2:04)
16. Pas je alkohol (Ilirska Bistrica 1995.) (2:04)
17. Britva (Ilirska Bistrica 1995.) (2:07)
18. Autopusenje (Ilirska Bistrica 1995.) (3:24)
19. Farewell (Ilirska Bistrica 1995.) (2:16)
20. Cist sam (Ilirska Bistrica 1995.) (2:37)
21. Sah (Ilirska Bistrica 1995.) (1:56)
22. Anal Boys (Ilirska Bistrica 1995.) (2:37)
23. Dodji (Ilirska Bistrica 1995.) (4:20)
24. Fists of Love (Big Black) (Ilirska Bistrica 1995.) (3:57)
25. Vrag (Ilirska Bistrica 1995.) (1:15)

Tracks 13.-25. have been removed from the archive as they will be officially released by this nice label, hopefully soon.


utorak, 8. veljače 2011.

Leatherface - Non-Album Discography

To finish off the trilogy of sad punk royalty, here is all of the non-album material from Sunderland's Leatherface, probably the most passionate and beautiful punk band there ever was. Words don't really do this band justice so listen to them and prepare to be blown away.

Track listing:

Disc One:

1. How Lonely (2:38)
2. You Wanted Everything (3:21)
3. Trenchfoot (2:56)
4. The Scheme of Things (3:16)
5. Ideal World (2:47)
6. You Are My Sunshine (Jimmie Davis) (2:19)
7. Dreaming (3:20)
8. Not Superstitious (4:25)
9. One to Say (2:32)
10. Discipline (3:16)
11. Games (3:35)
12. Live for You (3:07)
13. Pale Moonlight (3:41)
14. Talkin' 'bout a Revolution (Tracy Chapman) (2:18)
15. Dreaming (3:11)
16. Hops and Barley (Wat Tyler) (1:57)
17. A Public House (Wat Tyler) (1:50)
18. Eagle (ABBA) (3:49)
19. Do the Right Thing (3:48)
20. Cabbage Case (3:23)
21. Not Superstitious (acoustic) (3:30)
22. Skin Deep (acoustic) (2:52)


Disc Two:

1. Moon River (Henry Mancini) (1:52)
2. I Can't Help Falling... (Elvis Presley) (2:13)
3. Discipline (live) (3:10)
4. Colorado Joe - Leningrad Vlad (live) (2:58)
5. I Gotta Right (Iggy and the Stooges) (3:44)
6. Meaning (2:14)
7. Hops and St. Pauli (Wat Tyler) (1:57)
8. Teenage Warning (Angelic Upstarts) (2:15)
9. Melody Lee (The Damned) (2:08)
10. Unfurnished (3:50)
11. Boogie On Down (2:24)
12. Shipyards (piano and vocals mix) (3:21)
13. In My Life (acoustic) (4:37)
14. Colorado Joe - Leningrad Vlad (3:00)
15. Postwar Product of a Fat Man's Wallet (3:10)
16. Doublewhiskeycokenoice (The Dillinger Four) (2:02)
17. Deep, Deep Sleep (2:52)
18. Little White God (Live Regensburg 4-24-2004) (1:13)
19. Plastic Surgery (Live Kessel-Lo 4-6-2004) (2:21)
20. Heart Is Home (Live Kessel-Lo 4-6-2004) (4:58)


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Moving Targets - Three Singles

Here's a quick update for anyone who liked the previous post. The Moving Targets were a mid-80's Boston band who had a great pop-influenced-hardcore sound in the vein of later Hüsker Dü records. During their time together they have released four full-length LP's and three singles, which are collected here. Roughly half of these songs also appear on the LP's, and the other half are exclusive to the singles, be they new songs, alternate takes, or a Led Zeppelin cover. You can figure out for yourself which are which somewhere on the vast plains of the Internet.

Track listing:

1. Less than Gravity (3:30)
2. Faith (2:38)
3. Squares & Circles (2:19)
4. Away from Me (3:24)
5. Falling (2:58)
6. Selfish (2:16)
7. Last of the Angels (2:36)
8. Babble (3:01)
9. No Quarter (Led Zeppelin) (7:58)
10. Answer II (3:33)


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Pegboy - Three Songs and Five Shows

I did have a cassette dub of this album for years, but this is not my tape. In the 90's in Croatia we had a war, not 100 min Type II cassettes from Japan.
Time and time and time again, I have put on a Pegboy album and decided that they were my favourite punk band of all time, above the Clash, even above the Ramones. Now, I realise these are heavy words, but so is this band - heavy on the ears, heavy on the liver, heavy on the heart. They are one of those bands whose lyrics you are never able to fully grasp, and sometimes you're not sure whether they're beautiful, pathetic or just stupid, but that's the point when you need to stop reading the lyrics sheet and blast the song at full volume, preferably in the company of a few good friends and/or beers. The band was formed in Chicago by former Naked Raygun guitarist John Haggerty, and while the two bands do share some similarities, I like to think of Pegboy as the heart to Naked Raygun's brains - more monotonous and blunt in their approach, but also (even) more emotionally satisfying. That's if you like punk rock performed by sad men, of course.

As all of their albums are available from most regular music outlets, I will share three songs which do not appear on either one of them, and five bootleg live shows; there is a sixth one available, "Live at the Metro" from 2004, but you can buy that on iTunes and support the band in doing so. OK I did steal it from some guy on SoulSeek but I'm allowed to do that because I am doing such great things for the punk rock scene on these here Internets. On to the track listings:

"Three Songs"

1. Walk On By (2:12)
2. Chutes and Ladders (2:49)
3. Emerald (Thin Lizzy) (3:55)

"Walk On By" is the B-side of the "Field of Darkness" 7"; "Chutes and Ladders" came out on a Chicago bands compilation; and "Emerald" comes from a rare Thin Lizzy tribute disc and features some great swords-and-sorcery lyrics which sound rather hilarious coming out of Larry Damore's mouth.


"Live at CBGB's July 16th 1991"
1. Method (3:57)
2. Strong Reaction (3:41)
3. Not What I Want (2:31)
4. My Youth (2:49)
5. Field Of Darkness (2:39)
6. Fade Away (3:23)
7. Time Again (2:59)
8. Still Uneasy (2:43)
9. Walk On By (2:11)
10. Locomotivelung (1:45)
11. Through My Fingers (3:51)

A good early show with passable sound quality and some great song choices. There are some problems with the sound of the vocals (sometimes the microphone seems to be distorting the sound, sometimes they're too loud, sometimes they're REALLY off-key) but I can live with that.


"Live in Pittsburgh December 14th 1995"
1. Intro (1:23)
2. Strong Reaction (4:41)
3. Sideshow (3:18)
4. Not What I Want (3:28)
5. Locomotivelung (2:52)
6. You (2:59)
7. Field of Darkness (4:40)
8. Dad (Didjits) (2:34)
9. Sinner Inside (2:48)
10. Gordo (3:33)
11. Wages of Sin (4:07)
12. Witnessed (2:28)
13. Fade Away (3:41)
14. Never a Question (2:56)

Recorded during the "Earwig" tour, interesting song choices again, plus a cover of DIDJITS, of all bands?! Too bad the sound is really shitty, probably coming from a Walkman in the audience, but I'm PUNK AS FUCK and I like it anyway.


"Live at the Fireside Bowl, Chicago, 2000"

1. My Youth (4:00)
2. Never a Question (4:10)
3. Hardlight (2:08)
4. Strong Reaction (4:29)
5. Dog Dog (3:58)
6. Method (4:18)
7. Field Of Darkness (4:28)
8. Not What I Want (3:16)
9. Through My Fingers (5:21)
10. Revolver (4:35)
11. Superstar (2:57)
12. Locomotivelung (3:54)
13. Time Again (3:18)
14. Dangermare (4:13)
15. You Fight Like A Girl (3:14)
16. Walk On By (3:11)
17. Treason (Naked Raygun) (4:47)

I guess these were the last days of the band as a functioning unit - they even talk about needing to (and not really wanting to) record a new album if I recall correctly, it's been a while since I last heard this particular bootleg. The sound is good and the set closes with a great Naked Raygun cover.


"Live at Touch and Go 25th 2006"

1. Intro (1:23)
2. Still Uneasy (3:20)
3. Not What I Want (2:50)
4. Strong Reaction (4:24)
5. Locomotivelung (4:00)
6. Field of Darkness (3:47)
7. Walk On By (2:49)
8. Sideshow (3:49)
9. Time Again (4:55)
10. Superstar (3:27)
11. Fade Away (4:10)
12. Method (4:11)
13. Dangermare (2:51)

The first reunion show, at the Touch & Go records 25th anniversary festival in Chicago. The best sounding one from this collection (although the vocals could be a little quieter, and the guitar a little louder) and featuring wonderful stage banter about Larry being, alternately: 1) drunk off his ass at 1 PM, 2) fat, old and ugly, and 3) utterly unsuccessful in his musical career. THIS is how you speak before an audience. If you don't want to bother with all these shows, make sure you get at least this one and the 2000 one.


"Live at Riot Fest 2009 (Live at the Congress Theatre)"

1. Dangermare (2:47)
2. Through My Fingers (4:05)
3. Field Of Darkness (3:04)
4. Witnessed (2:38)
5. Time Again (3:20)
6. Strong Reaction (4:00)
7. Hardlight (1:34)

Not much to write about this one - average sound, no surprises in the setlist, plus it's only seven songs, 21 minutes. I do believe it is the only show here which features the two-guitar line-up (Larry now also plays guitar) but it's not like you can hear it or anything. Get it anyway, it's not like you're PAYING for it, is it.


srijeda, 2. veljače 2011.

Various - Feathers, Air Freshener and La Bum

These three compilations came out in the second half of the Nineties, and together they present a very interesting overview of Croatia's noise, post-rock, art and "whatever the hell Zhel is playing" scenes, along with a few foreign guests like Guapo and K.K. Null of Zeni Geva. Listening to them with these ears, after finishing college and giving up on tons of progressive, complex and artistically important musics, I find myself not understanding a lot of this stuff, but finding all the bands I used to consider amazing - well, still amazing. Dispersed across these three discs there are gems like the cult noise-rock bands from Osijek, Cog and Why stakla; beautiful post-rock of Lunar (on the "La Bum! Album" CD you will find the track "Basta Rhymes", which was supposed to be the first track on their "There Is No 1" album - which, surprisingly, does not contain track no. 1); noble noise of Croatian ex-patriots Gone Bald (I believe this song is the last one they recorded in their original, all-Croatian lineup, and also the only one sung completely in Croatian); passionate punk rock of Koprivinica's Overflow; and so on. The tracks are as follows (most, if not all of them, are exclusive to these releases, all out of print):

"Feathers, Wood & Aluminium - New Music from Croatia"

1. The Bambi Molesters - High Wall (2:54)
2. Sumski - Sayonara (4:00)
3. Peach Pit - Vinjeta (4:13)
4. Neurotische Keruzo - TV-Grape (3:07)
5. Random - Kind of a Traditional Meal... (2:03)
6. Il gruppo delle azioni progressive - TH 044 (4:03)
7. Bulog - Prvi sat glume pod Fuscakom 1a (3:22)
8. The Mrzobillys - Opaki Joe (1:35)
9. Brassneck - Jose Maria (3:17)
10. Nemes - Neat Neat Neat (3:39)
11. Overflow - Broken Knee (1:46)
12. Very Expensive Porno Movie - Porno Retrospective (2:28)
13. Projekt=Projekt - Superman (3:31)
14. Lunar - Odessa (4:02)
15. Cog - Gambler (2:24)
16. Why stakla - Proljece (2:24)
17. Gone Bald - Jedan koji je pao (5:09)
18. Puder - Voloder (1:09)
19. Glasshopper - Nody (3:24)
20. Mad Cow - Bager (3:42)
21. Ha Det Bra - Mustafa (2:38)
22. Gaston - She Makes Money When She's Naked (3:07)
23. Kacot - Kvaritelj (4:12)


"Air Freshener - Hang Above Your Head"

1. Sawyer - (It's a) Dry Heat (3:13)
2. Sawyer - Johnny the Wadd (3:14)
3. Sawyer - No Rule (2:52)
4. Sawyer - The Counties (5:02)
5. Glasshopper - Song (3:21)
6. Glasshopper - I Love You Baby (2:17)
7. Glasshopper - In Fact (2:24)
8. Glasshopper - Ants (1:56)
9. Guapo - Essence Absorbing Stance (2:38)
10. Guapo - Your... (0:46)
11. Guapo - Chongo (5:45)
12. Guapo - Vorticies (2:54)
13. Lunar - Jurij (4:01)
14. Lunar - Mare Imbrium (5:59)
15. Lunar - Telescopes pour amateurs (5:00)
16. Lunar - Zero Gravity (3:56)
17. Gugan - Electrobody Action 1 (10:06)
18. K.K. Null - 18.10-1 erg-sec (5:03)


"La Bum! Album"

1. Lunar & Zhel - Fly Me to the Moon (3:35)
2. Boxer - Tiri (1:23)
3. Zhel - S Ljubavlju iz Rasii (4:21)
4. Boxer - Toke-bodas dub mix (4:16)
5. Glasshopper - Change (2:28)
6. Zhel - Kawa II (3:42)
7. Akira Lambent - Ray (4:42)
8. Lunar - Los dos millónes de dolares (5:37)
9. Boxer - Jana la bum mix (5:30)
10. Glasshopper - Alez Viens (3:13)
11. Zhel & Ric Roberts - Kawa I (5:08)
12. Zhel & Glasshopper - Thanksgiving Goddamn Real (2:37)
13. Boxer - Put la bum edit (4:59)
14. Glasshopper - Song (3:28)
15. Lunar - 400 (5:50)
16. Zhel - Haring (1:36)
17. Lunar - Basta Rhymes (5:15)


utorak, 1. veljače 2011.

Mule - Live Athens

Check out the town "Hell" just SE of Lansing. Is that what the song's about?
Here's something not easily found - a great-sounding bootleg of a complete show by the incredible noise-blues-country combo Mule, recorded at the most amazing time of their career, after releasing the self-titled debut LP and its follow-up EP, "Wrung" (I derive this from the setlist - there's no data on when exactly this was recorded, but when you listen to it you'll learn that it was near Christmas, and also that it was bassist Kevin Munro's birthday; probably in 1992 or 1993? I also have no idea whether it was recorded in Athens, Georgia, or Athens, Greece, but I'd go with the former. Should've taught R.E.M. a thing or two!). The playing is excellent, the double vocals of guitarist P.W. Long and bassist Munro are even more drunkenly passionate than on the studio recordings, and the setlist covers most of the debut LP and half of "Wrung" - now, if any loser on the Internet were allowed to give his worthless opinions on songs written by FUCKING MULE, I'd say that maybe they had picked the wrong half of "Wrung" and should have found space for "Now I Truly Understand"; luckily this is not the case, so I'll just shut the fuck up and enjoy this incredible musical artifact.

Track listing:

1. The Rope and the Cuckold (6:17)
2. Mama's Reason to Cry (4:32)
3. Drown (4:33)
4. Mississippi Breaks (4:33)
5. What Every White Nigger Knows (5:00)
6. I'm Hell (4:10)
7. We Know You're Drunk (4:46)
8. Lucky (6:44)
9. Sugarcane Zuzu (5:52)