srijeda, 5. prosinca 2012.

KUD Idijoti - Necu da radim za dolare EP

This is a curious, semi-bootleg release, about which you can read more at the sadly retired blog that has originally posted it, Audio Heaven. Since all of its files have been taken down by Mediafire, I'm reuploading it here, so it can still be available for your dining and dancing pleasure. The last three songs are pretty uneventful, but the first two are alternate versions of a couple of great tracks from Idijoti's debut LP, "Mi smo ovdje samo zbog para", which are as great as the officially released ones. Enjoy!

By the way, the guy who used to run Audio Heaven now has a new blog, Pula Rock City, which features tons of rare recordings by bands from Pula; if you are interested in the rock sounds from that city, which you should be, go ahead and explore it.

Track listing:

1. Necu da radim za dolare (3:26)
2. Smrt (4:09)
3. Necu da radim za dolare (instrumental mix) (3:27)
4. Necu da radim za dolare (metal-dub extended remix) (8:27)
5. Smrt (instrumental mix) (4:09)


ponedjeljak, 3. prosinca 2012.

Peach Pit - Live in KSET 2004

Picture taken at same venue, but five years later; stolen from
A high-quality live recording of Croatian math-rock masters Peach Pit playing the KSET club in Zagreb. For fans of Don Caballero and similar bands, which are to my ears usually more "interesting" than "enjoyable". Peach Pit have lost a guitar player since this recording, and this actually made them more... let's say understandable to me, but if you're a fan of the genre, you should be impressed by what they are doing here.

Track listing:

1. 4x100m (10:30)
2. #2 (7:19)
3. Vertigo (5:40)
4. O biciklizmu (4:03)
5. RU-Fruitcake 2 (3:35)
6. Sonata (3:18)
7. Moj mikro (3:34)
8. Bonus (7:27)


nedjelja, 2. prosinca 2012.

Bambi Molesters - Live at Radio 101 03.04.2004

Here's a live set the Bambi Molesters did for the Croatian Radio 101 back in 2004, with great quality sound. Hope you enjoy it!

What were the odds of finding a Croatian band's rare debut single at a Rezillos show in Los Angeles? And why didn't I buy it for $3, since it normally sells for close to $20?
Track listing:

1. Wanganui (2:19)
2. Point Break (4:35)
3. Last Ride (3:25)
4. Corazon del loco Jorge (4:59)
5. High Wall (3:28)
6. Bombora (2:28)
7. Invasion of the Reverb Snatchers (4:35)
8. Chaotica (4:52)
9. Theme from Slaying Beauty (4:25)
10. The Wedge (3:07)
11. Cecilia Ann (2:19)
12. Malaguena (3:25)
13. Latinia (5:12)


subota, 1. prosinca 2012.

Killdozer & Ritual Device - Split Single

As a sort of a sequel to the previous post, and as a great virtual bonus-single to this compilation, here's a beautiful 10" record that came out on Man's Ruin in 1995, and features Led Zeppelin covers as performed by Killdozer and Ritual Device. Both full-length songs are amazing; Killdozer's track even features harmonica solos, which is surely not common on a Killdozer recording. Right now I can't remember whether it's a first for them, or there might have been some way back on their "experimental" record, "Snakeboy" (still my favourite). As for the short "Hotdog", it was a throwaway tune to begin with, but hey, we can't all be Nine Pound Hammer.

Best. Cover. Ever.
Track listing:

1. Killdozer - When the Levee Breaks (9:35)
2. Ritual Device - No Quarter (10:42)
3. Ritual Device - Hotdog (2:26)