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Radio Birdman - The Essential Radio Birdman Disc 2

Some years ago Sub Pop has released an anthology of the great Australian punk rock pioneers Radio Birdman, an excellent release with one major flaw: why compile HALF of a band's recorded output and call the thing "The ESSENTIAL Radio Birdman", when the half you left off is no less essential than what is on it? Why not do a nice double-disc anthology of both of their excellent albums, padded out with the few EP's and live recordings that feature non-LP material, and end the story once and for all? But, as Sub Pop was too cheap to do this (and it baffles me because the thing they did put out is quite lovingly and nicely packaged), now you have to chase the original albums on Australian websites, pay excessive prices for them, and, in the case of the second LP "Living Eyes", accept the inferior version without the corresponding EP tracks as the earlier one seems to be out of print. So, for all of us who own the widely available Sub Pop package, I have compiled the remainder of the material recorded during their original run (there was a reunion which spawned an album called "Zeno Beach" and I believe several live discs; a B-side from this era, "Rock Bottom", is included here, too), designed to be a bonus disc to the official "Essential" one. Have fun with it!

Track listing:

1. More Fun (1:59)
2. New Race (4:28)
3. 455 SD (2:44)
4. Dark Surprise (3:35)
5. Iskender Time (1:48)
6. Burned My Eye (1:50)
7. Monday Morning Gunk (3:05)
8. Breaks My Heart (3:01)
9. T.V. Eye (4:21)
10. You're Gonna Miss Me (2:41)
11. Didn't Tell The Man (3:14)
12. I-94 (2:48)
13. Death By The Gun (3:02)
14. Alien Skies (3:15)
15. Anglo Girl Desire (3:23)
16. Do the Movin' Change (2:27)
17. Hit Them Again (4:28)
18. If I Wanted To (3:06)
19. TPBR Combo (2:12)
20. Smith & Wesson Blues (3:02)
21. Rock Bottom (4:35)
22. Burned My Eye (live) (1:43)


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Heathen, Destruction, Sepultura, Exodus - Live Thrashfest Classics 2011

Sepultura in Zagreb; from Time Machine Music.

Here are complete sets by four of the five bands which participated in last year's "Thrashfest Classics" tour, recorded at Hamburg's Markthalle on December 5th 2011. The only band that is missing is the first one, Mortal Sin from Australia, which is a pity for me personally because that's the band that I missed when the tour came to Zagreb. All the other bands were excellent, playing material from their early, genre-defining rainbows* (although Sepultura's "Chaos A.D." is hardly a THRASH classic) in the modern spirit of '80s nostalgia (which usually bothers me, but it's hard to keep one's convictions while Sepultura is playing "Infected Voice"). The sound quality is wonderful for an audience recording, you just might need to play with the equalizer a bit to take down the bass and enhance the middle; this worked for me but hear for yourself. And to give credit where it's due: all four sets were downloaded from Dimeadozen, where they are available as torrents, in FLAC format; I've converted them to 320 kbps mp3's to save drive space, but if you want the originals, get them there. On to the sets...

Heathen track listing:

1. Intro (1:28)
2. Pray for Death (3:33)
3. Goblin's Blade (5:17)
4. Open the Grave (7:46)
5. Hypnotized (7:29)
6. Opiate of the Masses (8:00)
7. Mercy Is No Virtue (6:38)
8. Death by Hanging (5:41)


Destruction track listing:

1. Intro (1:13)
2. Total Desaster (3:19)
3. Satan's Vengeance (3:16)
4. Mad Butcher (5:15)
5. Black Mass Intro (0:52)
6. Antichrist (3:16)
7. Death Trap (6:00)
8. Invisible Force (3:54)
9. The Ritual Intro (2:08)
10. Tormentor (4:12)
11. Eternal Ban (3:39)
12. Bestial Invasion (5:10)
13. Curse the Gods (5:22)
14. Outro (2:00)


Sepultura track listing:

1. Arise Intro (1:16)
2. Intro (1:33)
3. Beneath the Remains (4:23)
4. Refuse-Resist (3:35)
5. Dead Embryonic Cells (6:30)
6. Desperate Cry (6:32)
7. Amen (4:46)
8. Mass Hypnosis (4:35)
9. We Who Are Not As Others (3:56)
10. Altered State (6:38)
11. Infected Voice (3:58)
12. Subtraction (5:45)
13. Primitive Future (3:34)
14. Inner Self (5:10)
15. Territory (5:37)
16. Arise (4:04)


Exodus track listing:

1. Intro (0:47)
2. The Last Act of Defiance (4:13)
3. A Lesson in Violence (4:08)
4. Fabulous Disaster (6:04)
5. Brain Dead (5:05)
6. Exodus (4:58)
7. Deranged (3:12)
8. Pleasures of the Flesh (8:57)
9. Piranha (3:51)
10. Encore Break (1:44)
11. Metal Command (4:14)
12. And Then There Were None (5:13)
13. Bonded by Blood (4:15)
14. The Toxic Waltz (5:24)
15. Strike of the Beast (7:03)


* Of course I meant early RECORDS, but the chorus to Saxon's "A Frozen Rainbow" was playing as I was typing this and the mistake made me laugh hard enough that I decided to keep it.

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Mule - Singles, Outtakes and Live

Picture stolen from this blog.
There used to be a hateful tirade at the start of this post, born of a silly misunderstanding and best forgotten. In its place I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. K.M. for allowing me to share these recordings here.

Here is a great unreleased track, a different version of "Tennessee Hustler", and an hour's worth of mostly excellent-sounding live recordings by the wonderful Mule. The live recordings supposedly originate from Hamburg, but I have no idea whether they all come from a single show, or which order they were played in. I made a playlist by mixing the slower and faster material, and keeping the few poor-sounding tracks at the end, but you are free to sort them in whichever way you see fit. The live version of "To Love Somebody" is supposed to be an outtake from the Tempermill studio (like the two studio recordings, "Tennessee Hustler" and "Tell Me Now" - if that's really the name of the song), but it does have crowd noise at the end - would Mule bother with fake live recordings, and why? I guess we'll never know. It's a beautiful version anyway, well, if you know this band, than you know that the small body of work they left behind is 100% genius, so no surprise there. Enjoy!

Check out what this cool guy does.

Track listing:

Disc One:

1. Tennessee Hustler (2:07)
2. Tell Me Now (2:59)
3. Charger (2:51)
4. The Beauteous (single version) (5:21)
5. To Love Somebody (single version) (4:02)
6. Have a Drink on Me (5:03)
7. Tennessee Hustler (single version) (1:51)
8. Black Bottom (single version) (4:42)
9. To Love Somebody (live) (4:03)


Disc Two:

1. The Beauteous (live) (7:06)
2. Hayride (live) (4:29)
3. Noodle 1 (live) (0:41)
4. Charger (live) (3:44)
5. Obion (live) (5:47)
6. Mississippi Breaks (live) (4:21)
7. Tennessee Hustler (live) (2:05)
8. I'm Hell (live) (4:11)
9. Noodle 2 (live) (0:36)
10. Nowhere's Back (live) (8:07)
11. X & 29 (live) (6:10)
12. We Know You're Drunk (live) (4:01)
13. The Rope and the Cuckold (live) (6:03)
14. Searchlight - Pent (live) (5:06)


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Redskadrila - Promo + Live in KSET

This is the complete recorded legacy of a band some of my friends were in; three demo songs and two live shows recorded over their rather short career (a little over a year between the first and last gig, if I remember correctly). They played in a style I believe is called "combat ska", but this really isn't my scene - I can say I enjoyed their live shows a whole lot, but also that these recordings don't sound THAT great to me now; that's probably alcohol related though. If I try to be objective I'd say they were a rather good band with potential to become much better, which was never realised; if you're into this kind of stuff, they're definitely worth a listen.

Track listing (mildly accurate; please mail corrections if you have any):

1. Omladinac (4:22)
2. Potrosio si zivot (3:28)
3. Vasa demokracija (3:14)
4. Adelante comandante (live) (2:24)
5. Potrosio si zivot (live) (3:07)
6. Nepoznata (live) (3:49)
7. Zivimo jako dobro (live) (4:08)
8. Omladinac (live) (4:07)
9. O bella ciao (live) (2:03)
10. Jos jedna noc za nama (live) (3:18)
11. Vasa demokracija (live) (3:52)
12. Stalingrado (Banda Bassotti) (live) (3:15)
13. Adelante comandante (live) (3:16)
14. Potrosio si zivot (live) (3:56)
15. Nepoznata (live) (4:04)
16. Zivimo jako dobro (live) (3:50)
17. Omladinac (live) (4:02)
18. O bella ciao (live) (2:15)
19. Vasa demokracija (live) (3:48)
20. Jos jedna noc za nama (live) (3:05)
21. Go On Home British Soldiers (Banda Bassotti) (live) (4:38)
22. Nepoznata (live) (3:50)
23. Go On Home British Soldiers (Banda Bassotti) (live encore) (4:50)


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Napalm Death - Grind Kaijyu Attack - Live in Japan

This is the Napalm Death side of the out of print limited edition (500 copies were pressed) live split LP with Nasum, recorded in Osaka on January 9th 2004. I haven't uploaded the Nasum side as it is identical to the "Doombringer" CD which is a regular release you can, and should buy. It's short and sweet at six songs/18 minutes, split evenly between their then most recent two albums, "Enemy of the Music Business" and "Order of the Leech". The sound quality is excellent and so are the tunes, and if you're like me and missing this rare recording bugged you, here's a cheap way to solve the problem. Enjoy!

Track listing:

1. Narcoleptic (2:37)
2. Taste the Poison (1:47)
3. Next on the List (3:29)
4. To Lower Yourself (3:09)
5. Can't Play, Won't Pay (3:19)
6. The Icing on the Hate (3:29)