ponedjeljak, 19. kolovoza 2013.

The Warriors - Bad Guys

This is a rather obscure mini-CD from a UK Oi! band The Warriors. They were formed by the original Last Resort vocalist Graham Saxby and bassist Arthur "Bilko" Kitchener, better known as the semi-legendary ska figure Arthur Kay of the Originals. I came across this disc by chance, way back in the latter part of the Nineties (when it was released), and as those were times when most people (me included) didn't own nearly enough music to listen to each day, I gave it many more listens than I normally would, and totally fell in love with it. The sound is of the rockish Oi! variety, midtempo and with more singing than barking, which I grew to love much more than the "classic" stuff like The Oppressed or what have you (my favourite Business album is "Welcome to the Real World", see). Another thing that made me love this particular release so much is the sheer amateurishness of it all, which is quite obvious with the first peek on the CD sleeve. Just look at those ugly mugs, combined with the cheesiest text effects Microsoft Word could provide in 1998, and you might feel the same urge to root for these underdogs that I did. And the songs are all quite good, too! I haven't seen this CD for sale or download anywhere on the Internet, so I'm offering it here in the hope it'll find a few more pairs of ears to entertain. Have fun!

Track listing:

1. Bad Guy (5:01)
2. Had It Your Own Way Too Long (3:01)
3. Gary Bushell (3:14)
4. Free Reggie Kray (3:28)
5. C.S.A. (3:01)
6. Craig and Bentley (3:22)
7. Made in England (4:45)