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Dik O'Braz - Zedj

The sole album from a Croatian band from the early Nineties, who played a Motörhead-influenced brand of punky hard rock with lyrics mostly about drinking. A nice little release, although there was another band competing for the title of "Croatian Motörhead" during the same time period, who even had a great version of "Ace of Spades" with lyrics in Croatian, and whom I liked better - they were called Klajbas and came from the town of Krizevci. Teh Internets are unfortunately ignorant of their existence, and I'd very much like to share their album here, so if anyone happens to have it, hook me up! I've lost my tape years ago, sadly.

Track listing:

1. Sve sto treba viknuti (3:05)
2. Bez milosti (3:08)
3. Stoljeca (3:49)
4. Kad gorim (3:57)
5. Dobro je dodirnuti zelenu travu doma svoga (2:37)
6. Moja dusa pijana od piva (4:25)
7. Za oprez nema mjesta (3:14)
8. Ne budi lud (2:10)
9. Moram naci zabavu (3:37)
10. Koruza (2:42)
11. Tvrdoglavi bik (4:09)
12. Nada (3:31)
13. Micana (Kreni u noc) (2:27)


utorak, 26. veljače 2013.

Hladno pivo - Promo 7'' + Live

Here's a mega-rare single by Croatia's once premier punk band, which was only released as a promo to radio stations, in what I imagine must be a very limited quantity - I don't know the numbers though. It features two of the songs that later came out on their second album, "G.A.D.", but these versions are exclusive to the single. Especially interesting is the first song, "Sedma noc", which has an outro part that was cut from the album version - whether it was for the better or for worse is for you to judge for yourself. I've also added two more live songs which were released on an obscure German compilation (that's probably why they chose the two songs sung in German).

Track listing:

1. Sedma noc (demo) (1:55)
2. Diznilend (demo) (2:02)
3. Niemals (live) (1:23)
4. Für immer Punk (live) (2:44)


utorak, 19. veljače 2013.

The Undertones - Live at Paradiso, Amsterdam 15.03.1980.

Poster for another gig at the same venue, one from 1982 if teh Internets are to be believed.
The Undertones were probably the nicest punk band in the history, ever. They make the Buzzcocks seem manly (and Steve Diggle downright MACHO). They seem so lovable that I actually got quite misty-eyed during the sadder parts of their documentary (narrated by John Peel, the nicest bloke in radio history). They were also a tremendously good live band, but for some shameful reason they still don't have a single commercially available live release to their name. Here, then, is a wonderful bootleg of their 1980 show in Amsterdam's Paradiso club that used to be available on a number of blogs, but as it happens I couldn't find an active link for it anywhere on the Web right now - and it really is a gem every fan should hear. The songs are great, the playing and singing is great, and the sound is worthy of official release, so make sure to snatch this one if you have any interest in (punk)rock('n'roll).

Track listing:

1. Male Model (2:30)
2. Tearproof (2:25)
3. Teenage Kicks (2:37)
4. Jimmy Jimmy (2:44)
5. The Way Girls Talk (2:56)
6. There Goes Norman (2:50)
7. Get Over You (2:34)
8. Whizz Kids (2:37)
9. Family Entertainment (2:48)
10. True Confessions (1:56)
11. Here Comes the Summer (2:11)
12. She's a Runaround (2:12)
13. Girls Don't Like It (1:34)
14. Rock and Roll (Gary Glitter) (2:39)


petak, 15. veljače 2013.

Future of the Left - Live at Patronaat Haarlem 09.11.2007.

Here's an old Future of the Left show from the Patronaat club in Haarlem, Netherlands. I've been to this club once, back in 2008, and saw another great band there that fans of the Fall or the Wedding Present should definitely seek out; they're called The Calvin Party, have been a band for ages, and are way too obscure for the greatness their music possesses. I'll try to dig up something rare of theirs to put up here some time, but to get back to the band at hand, it's FOTL again, they're great again, and that's more or less it. The sound is rather good and there's a great-sounding track from a mysterious "London Live" bootleg attached to the end as a bonus; I'd really like to get my hands on the whole of that show, so if you can help, please do. Now I'm going drinking, bye!

A young Falco with all his baby fat does an Eddie Vedder pose. He got so much more handsome in the following years, if I do say so myself!
Track listing:

1. (introduction) (0:51)
2. The Lord Hates a Coward (4:00)
3. Plague of Onces (3:49)
4. Fingers Become Thumbs (2:14)
5. Wrigley Scott (2:20)
6. (interlude) (0:56)
7. Team: Seed (1:31)
8. Manchasm (4:20)
9. Suddenly It's a Folk Song (2:51)
10. Fuck the Countryside Alliance (3:04)
11. Small Bones Small Bodies (2:50)
12. My Gymnastic Past (2:55)
13. Adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood (3:08)
14. (outro) (0:41)
15. The Hope That House Built (bonus live in London) (4:32)


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Stiff Little Fingers - B's, Live, Unplugged and Demos + Live in Săo Paulo - Hangar 110

Photo from a show in Săo Paulo, ten years later.
Here's a great "official bootleg" of the Stiff Little Fingers, accompanied by an unofficial one, and a few extra bits to round it off. The first disc is a compilation of B-sides, live, unplugged and demo tracks (duh) that could be obtained by sending in a coupon from the "Pure Fingers Live - St. Patrix 1993" CD a long time ago; it is streaming for free on Grooveshark, but now you can keep it on your hard drive or digital music device of choice. I have padded it out with two additional unplugged tracks recorded at the same session, in Săo Paulo, Brasil. The second disc is a live show recorded in the same city on the same day, with reasonably good sound and a setlist divided between the classic stuff and the (then) more recent songs from the less played albums "Flags and Emblems", "Tinderbox", and "Hope Street". To finish things off I've added two tracks from Jake Burns's later band, The Big Wheel, whose entire discography is available on a single CD, bar these tracks - extended versions of "Breathless" and "Valentines Day" from the "Breathless" 12" single. They're quite atrocious production-wise, but not half bad songs, and it is Valentine's day today after all, so there you go!

Track listing:

Disc One - B's, Live, Unplugged and Demos:

1. Can't Believe in You (radio edit) (4:24)
2. The Cosh (remix) (3:39)
3. Long Way to Paradise (demo) (2:28)
4. Stand Up and Shout (demo) (3:18)
5. Silver Lining (unplugged) (3:14)
6. Listen (unplugged) (3:29)
7. Wasted Life (unplugged) (2:55)
8. I Could Be Happy Yesterday (unplugged) (3:57)
9. Alternative Ulster (unplugged) (3:18)
10. Johnny Was (live) (8:19)
11. Shake It Off (demo) (3:14)
12. Not What We Were (Pro Patria Mori) (demo) (3:48)
13. Get a Life (live) (5:03)
14. Harp (live) (4:22)
15. Can't Believe in You (live) (4:39)
16. No Laughing Matter (live) (3:01)
17. The Last Time (live) (3:25)
18. Mr. Fire Coal Man (live) (4:52)
19. Two Guitars Clash (live) (4:24)
20. Alternative Ulster (live featuring Ricky Warwick) (3:06)


Disc Two - Live in Săo Paulo - Hangar 110:

1. Alternative Ulster (3:20)
2. Tantalise (3:00)
3. Silver Lining (3:52)
4. At the Edge (3:28)
5. No Surrender (4:18)
6. Doesn't Make It Alright (5:56)
7. Just Fade Away (3:09)
8. Hope Street (3:42)
9. Wasted Life (3:26)
10. Bits of Kids (3:54)
11. Johnny Was (9:47)
12. I Could Be Happy Yesterday (4:17)
13. Roots, Radicals, Rockers and Reggae (3:37)
14. Nobody's Hero (3:59)
15. Tin Soldiers (5:58)
16. Suspect Device (2:51)
17. Jake Burns and the Big Wheel - Breathless (extended version) (4:35)
18. Jake Burns and the Big Wheel - Valentines Day (extented version) (6:07)


srijeda, 13. veljače 2013.

Various - Tribute to Our Parents

This was one of the first independently released CD compilations of Croatian underground bands, along with the few I have posted before, and from the same two great record labels - Earwing and Anubis records. It is also the one I personally like the least, but lots of my friends loved it, so what do I know? The first band on the CD is Analena, who have over time become one of the most amazing (post)-punk bands here, but these are early recordings with the original singer, and find the band in a rather embryonic state. Next up are two "melodic hardcore" bands, FNC Diverzant and 5 Minutes to Steve, who also shared a split cassette before this CD. 5MTS never released anything else, while FNCD are still playing, albeit rather recreationally. I prefer seing them live and hanging out with them to listening to these recordings, however. The last band is Paruzija, who were a Christian band if I'm not mistaken, and I really can't get any enjoyment from either their lyrics or music. To each his own, I guess...

Track listing:

1. Analena - Ne (0:42)
2. Analena - All (2:50)
3. Analena - Aquarius (3:08)
4. Analena - Trenutak (4:33)
5. Analena - Preskacem zid (2:55)
6. Analena - Minute (Last Goodbye) (2:58)
7. FNC Diverzant - Kaj me fukate s to mrezo? (We Remember You Tatjana) (2:11)
8. FNC Diverzant - Sretno dijete (1:50)
9. FNC Diverzant - Daleko od mene (2:24)
10. FNC Diverzant - Zgb-Ams (1:22)
11. FNC Diverzant - Slobodan (2:14)
12. FNC Diverzant - Ne tamo (Gdje sam bio nekada) (2:19)
13. FNC Diverzant - Vristim (2:49)
14. 5 Minutes to Steve - Lifestyle (2:08)
15. 5 Minutes to Steve - Boiling Point (3:21)
16. 5 Minutes to Steve - Dying Alone (2:47)
17. 5 Minutes to Steve - Go Ahead Instead... (1:54)
18. 5 Minutes to Steve - Between a Day (2:39)
19. 5 Minutes to Steve - The Finest Way (2:35)
20. Paruzija - Bioritam duse (1:44)
21. Paruzija - Malo dobrih ljudi (1:57)
22. Paruzija - Raspet (2:44)
23. Paruzija - Bozja pjesma (1:17)
24. Paruzija - Osobno (1:43)
25. Paruzija - Refleksija (2:22)
26. Paruzija - Blues (1:06)
27. Paruzija - Paruzija (3:06)
28. Paruzija - Juda (1:09)
29. Paruzija - Psalam No. 0 (1:46)
30. Paruzija - Moralna vecina (2:07)
31. Paruzija - Eho (2:20)
32. Pedja - Moj WC (2:03)


utorak, 12. veljače 2013.

Etiopia - Etiopia + Live 06.05.1989. Ekonomski fakultet Kragujevac

Etiopia were an '80s punk band from Kragujevac*, Serbia, which I know next to nothing about. All I do know is what I could gather from listening to this, their sole LP, and a bootleg of a live show from 1989: they seem to have played hardcore-punk up until 1989, as can be heard (although rather poorly) on the live recording; and then they have switched to a typically Yugoslavian brand of power-pop (think first Psihomodo pop LP) around the time when they made their record in 1990. The record is quite enjoyable actually, certainly nothing life-changing, but a nice footnote in the history of Yugoslavian underground rock. Here it is for your listening pleasure.

Track listing:

1. Rodjen u predgradju (3:37)
2. Nema izgleda za bolje (2:29)
3. Jutro (4:09)
4. Cudna pesma (2:33)
5. Etiopia (2:19)
6. Zvezda (2:31)
7. Beli mis (2:55)
8. Sreo sam nju (4:56)
9. Realnost (live) (4:21)
10. Kraj (live) (3:37)
11. Zabrana (live) (3:56)
12. Crni zubi (live) (2:49)
13. Instrumental (live) (2:24)
14. Dosada (live) (2:35)
15. Onanija (live) (4:02)
16. Beli mis (live) (2:19)
17. U Jugoslaviji sve je dobro (live) (4:38)


* Turns out they were actually from Jagodina, not Kragujevac. Thanks, Darkec!

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Motörhead - Live in Ljubljana 10.12.2012.

This was my sixth time watching the best band in the world, and probably the second best one of all. The first one, in Pula in 2002, is still untouchable, lasting for two and a half hours and completely destroying my hearing; but this one finally broke my unlucky streak with them: Zagreb 2006 - too quiet; Dublin 2009 - Lemmy lost his voice and nearly quit the show early, instead choosing to let Phil Campbell and the singer from the opening act (Nasty Savage) to sing in his place; Munich 2010 and 2011 - humongous concrete hall with terrible sound and standing 500 m away from the stage (And to add insult to injury, one of them didn't even feature Mikkey Dee - Matt Sorum from the Cult replaced him because he was IN A REALITY SHOW. Oh, the things we forgive the people we love!). This time in Ljubljana, I was finally able to see and hear the band properly, and although the show was half the length of that first one (they even cut one song from the already short setlist - granted, it was "Doctor Rock", my least favourite Motörhead song - but  even that one is way better than nothing at all!), it was still excellent. Perhaps Lemmy wanted to get the fuck out of Tivoli hall as quickly as possible - if you're versed in Motör-lore, you'll know that he had the worst show of his career at this very venue 24 years ago, when an incredibly mean and stupid member of the audience threw a razor fixed to a coin on him, cutting his arm badly and making the band cancel the entire tour - that show being the first one. No wonder they placed Ljubljana as the last show this time, then. I will too hold a grudge against Tivoli after this show - this 7000-capacity hall has ONE set of toilets, which was so overcrowded that even before the show, when less than half the audience was in the hall, it would take 15 minutes just to take a piss. I happen to have an issue with drinking alcohol and pissing, meaning that I really NEED to get pissed when I, well, get pissed. Luckily for me, the hall doesn't have a cloakroom, either; and the combination of a long winter coat and plastic beer glasses does wonders in the hands of a capable engineer. But I digress...

Build more bathrooms, Slovenia!
Here, then, is a rather high quality (for audience taping) recording of this show, which won't replace any of the official Motörhead live albums in your collection, but will make a nice souvenir if you've been there; plus there's a great, otherwise unavailable Thin Lizzy cover in the encore. I've separated all the prolonged cheering and stage banter into skippable tracks because some of the audience members are incredibly irritiating during the quiet parts, and I didn't want to cut anything; listen to them at least once so that you can enjoy such charming Lemmyisms as "This next song is from 1916. The record, not the year." In hoping for many more years of seeing this one-of-a-kind band, I leave you with the download link...

A picture from the show, unfortunately I forgot where I stole it from.
Track listing:

1. (cheering) (0:21)
2. I Know How to Die (3:43)
3. Damage Case (3:37)
4. Stay Clean (4:13)
5. Metropolis (4:15)
6. (banter) (1:10)
7. Over the Top (2:48)
8. Guitar Solo (2:00)
9. The Chase Is Better than the Catch (5:49)
10. Rock It (2:54)
11. You Better Run (5:34)
12. (cheering) (2:15)
13. The One to Sing the Blues (with Drum Solo) (7:27)
14. (banter) (1:00)
15. Going to Brazil (2:14)
16. Killed by Death (5:51)
17. Ace of Spades (3:23)
18. (cheering) (3:06)
19. Are You Ready (3:15)
20. (banter) (2:28)
21. Overkill (9:33)


petak, 8. veljače 2013.

The Crack - Live in Atlanta USA 2001

When a band is able to sustain a 30-year career and thousands of rabid followers around the world on the basis of ONE ALBUM, you can bet that one album is really something else. This is the case with the Crack, an English Oi! band with a strong pop-Slade influence, and their exceptional album "In Search of the Crack". I'm not sharing that one here because you can and should buy it, but I am sharing an out-of-print live disc from 2001, recorded in Atlanta on their first US tour (or was it just the one show? I don't know). Every song the Crack wrote is a major hit in a parallel universe where Sparrer are Beatles and Business are Stones, and you can hear that on this excellent recording, too. My World, Nag Nag Nag, Glory Boys, Don't Just Sit There, Everybody's Dreaming, Don't You Ever Let Me Down... they just keep coming! There's a case to be made for "second league" English punk bands often being better than many of the better known names, and I for one would always choose the Guitar Gangsters, the Stiffs, the Crack or Chelsea over, say, Sham 69, or (gah!) the Anti-Nowhere League. Download this and hear for yourself.

Track listing:

1. My World (4:09)
2. Nag Nag Nag (3:05)
3. Take Me Away (5:00)
4. You Keep Running (4:14)
5. Glory Boys (4:39)
6. Don't Just Sit There (4:16)
7. Troops Have Landed (3:13)
8. Everybody's Dreaming (3:46)
9. You Keep Me Waiting (3:00)
10. Don't You Ever Let Me Down (3:43)
11. Going Out (3:19)
12. Don't Stop Me (3:40)
13. All or Nothing (3:07)


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Alice Donut - Wet Dream Police

Alice Donut have been going strong as one of the weirdest and funniest bands in the alternative/punk milieu for 25 years now. They're a band who can name a song "Son of a Disgruntled Ex-Postal Worker Reflects on His Life While Getting Stoned in a Parking Lot of a Winn Dixie Listening to Metallica" and make it rocking, scary, funny and sad all at the same time. This bootleg collection of their single B-sides, compilation tracks and other non-album stuff functions as a great alternative best-of collection, and since all of the stuff is commercially unavailable, I'm happy to be able to share it here. The single version of "Bottom of the Chain", is not featured on the bootleg, but it's great and it's not the same recording as the album version, so I've added it to the archive; I've also bookended it with two songs recorded by the singer's short-lived "Mambo Killers" project, which are quite different than the Donut stuff, but I think they actually fit quite nicely with the rest. I'm on the lookout for their rare demo tape "Dork Me Bangladesh", so if anyone reading this has it, please let me know!

Track listing:

1. Tom Antona as Mambo Killers - Cuidate (3:14)
2. Biggest Ass (6:56)
3. Bigger Ass (4:25)
4. Mrs. Hayes' Gimp Leg (2:48)
5. Boyfriend (2:20)
6. Blood on the Tundra (2:47)
7. Only the Good Die Young (2:32)
8. Get a Life (2:10)
9. Get a Job (3:37)
10. Love Rollercoaster (2:33)
11. Lady Di (4:47)
12. Yellow Bridge (3:27)
13. Nadine (3:08)
14. The Chicken Door (2:56)
15. Empty Streets (4:28)
16. Moon Pie (2:54)
17. To Be Real (2:47)
18. We're Not Gonna Take It (0:29)
19. Mrs. Hayes (2:43)
20. Halloween (5:10)
21. E.S.P. (4:13)
22. Death Shield (5:06)
23. I Want Your Mother (5:13)
24. Bottom of the Chain (single version) (6:06)
25. Tom Antona as Mambo Killers - Mojave (6:42)


srijeda, 6. veljače 2013.

3 Men + Black - Acoustic

3 men are from the Stranglers, Stiff Little Fingers, and the Jam; Pauline Black is from the Selecter (and so is Nick Welsh, who does not count as a man, apparently). In 2004 they have decided to release an album containing acoustic renditions of some of their songs (or, in the case of Bruce Foxton, mostly his band partner's songs). I'm sharing this mostly because of Jake Burns's contributions, which are of course heavenly. I'm not a big fan of the Stranglers but JJ Burnel's stuff is also quite cool, and Bruce Foxton sounds quite a bit like Paul Weller - that's not a bad thing though. Pauline Black's songs I'm not so fond of, because while I do love the Selecter, I don't think these versions hold up to the regular ones; it's certainly an experiment, and while it doesn't sound like a successful one to my ears, it might to yours. The ballad "Missing Words" is quite nice, actually; it's the ska stuff that rubs me the wrong way played like this. Anyway, if you're a fan of the Stiff Little Fingers (which you really should be), you absolutely NEED the beautiful Jake Burns and the Big Wheel track "She Grew Up". I also quite like this version of a Stranglers track I'm very partial to, the new wave crossover hit "Skin Deep", and two other JJ Burnel's tracks are quite cool, too - a Hawkwind cover "Quark, Strangeness & Charm" and the funny hoedown "Jelly Fish". All in all, a nice little release!

Jake Burns is the coolest man alive, no contest.

Track listing:

1. Alternative Ulster (3:38)
2. Skin Deep (3:06)
3. That's Entertainment (2:56)
4. On My Radio (3:17)
5. She Grew Up (3:22)
6. Me and You (3:44)
7. Smithers-Jones (2:55)
8. Missing Words (3:50)
9. Harp (2:56)
10. Jelly Fish (1:53)
11. David Watts (2:23)
12. Armagideon Time (3:48)
13. Quark, Strangeness & Charm (2:34)
14. Down in the Tube Station at Midnight (3:29)
15. Three Minute Hero (3:00)
16. Wasted Life (3:33)


nedjelja, 3. veljače 2013.

Ignite - Live in Kutina

Photo from a different show but the same year, stolen from Pix of Change webzine
Only five songs long unfortunately, but a great-sounding soundboard recording from a legendary show held in 1996 in the Baraka club, in the Croatian town of Kutina. Kutina is a small town of about 15,000 inhabitants, but it has sustained a disproportionally large hardcore/ punk scene throughout the Nineties, centered around the Baraka ("barracks", obviously). Many foreign bands played this venue in a time when there were barely any non-local shows even in the capital, Zagreb, and some of the most loved Croatian bands from that time period came out of Kutina, best known of which was the hardcore band Razlog za. Things have wound down in the new millennium unfortunately, and now punk rock in Kutina is mostly relegated to a once-a-year festival called "Organizirani kaos" ("organised chaos"), but here is at least a document of a time when Kutina was, alongside Pula, the most punk rock town in Croatia.

Track listing:

1. Lazy (2:59)
2. Family (2:08)
3. Man against Man (2:02)
4. Where They Talk (1:40)
5. Screaming for Change (2:22)


P.S. I have found no mention of an Ignite song called "Lazy", but could not discover whether this first track is another song listed under a wrong name. If you recognise it, please leave a comment so I can correct the track listing.

subota, 2. veljače 2013.

Screeching Weasel - Screaming Otter in My Pants + Stupid Jerks Live

This is a couple of cool bootlegs from what used to be one of the finest pop punk bands of the '90s - Chicago's Screeching Weasel. The first one, tracks 1 through 18, was released in 1993 under the name "Screaming Otter in My Pants" and was available on the Music Ruined My Life blog until the file was deleted; the other one, tracks 19 through 33, was recorded in 2000 after a long time of live inactivity from the band, at a "secret show" under the name Stupid Jerks, if I'm not mistaken. Both have rather good sound, and both are actually a lot better than the live stuff from the official "Thank You Very Little" compilation. The 1993 show represents the band at the top of their popularity, just before the release of the "Anthem for a New Tomorrow" LP, and offers a good overview of the first (and best) part of their career; the 2000 one is not half bad either, and features a great Ben Weasel rant about "working class" punk bands. There is some track repetition between the two shows but not too much, and if you're a fan you'll love this.

Track listing:

1. Veronica Hates Me (3:14)
2. Peter Brady (2:07)
3. Slogans (1:43)
4. Falling Apart (1:56)
5. Teenage Freakshow (2:35)
6. Leather Jacket (1:21)
7. I Can See Clearly (2:32)
8. Every Night (3:39)
9. Kamala's Too Nice (1:44)
10. I Wanna Strangle You (1:04)
11. Science of Myth (2:22)
12. Mary Was an Anarchist (3:08)
13. Rubber Room (0:37)
14. Cindy's on Methadone (1:38)
15. Don't Turn Out the Lights (3:49)
16. Ashtray (2:11)
17. Joanie Loves Johnny (2:01)
18. Totally (1:37)
19. Sunshine (3:09)
20. I'm Gonna Strangle You (1:40)
21. Cindy's on Methadone (1:24)
22. Gotta Girlfriend (1:28)
23. I Wrote Holden Caulfield (3:14)
24. Racist Society (1:56)
25. Tightrope (3:35)
26. Supermarket Fantasy (1:22)
27. 99 (2:47)
28. Six Percent (2:07)
29. 21 Months (1:30)
30. Science of Myth (2:17)
31. Joanie Loves Johnny (2:24)
32. Slogans (2:07)
33. I Can See Clearly (2:29)


petak, 1. veljače 2013.

Wig - Lying Next to You + Just Obscene

Wig were the first band to feature the vocal talents of one Preston W. Long, later of such wonderful bands as Mule and P.W. Long's Reelfoot. They have achieved some notoriety after signing to a major label and releasing two rather OK albums (of which I prefer the first one, "Deliverance"), but that was all post-Preston; the only releases with him in the fold were the independently released mini-LP "Lying Next to You", and the single "Just Obscene". I actually can't quite remember the two albums exactly, don't feel like searching for them for the sake of this post, and amazingly, nothing from them is available on YouTube; however I do remember the next singer having a much less coarse voice than Preston, and everything sounding a good deal more major label-y than these two releases. Now this collection has a lot in common with both Preston's later material with Mule, and with contemporaries The Jesus Lizard; perhaps it's not as great as the benchmark of excellence in noise rock (this being TJL's duo of best albums, "Goat" and "Liar"), but I wouldn't say it's much shoddier than TJL's "Head", either. I don't know why this band isn't more known, at least within the boundaries of the noise rock scene; but it's not for lack of quality, for sure. Hear for yourself if you think this might be up your alley.

Track listing:

1. Coming Up Slow (4:26)
2. John Shaft (2:55)
3. Sweet Francis (3:40)
4. Bullet (3:30)
5. Black Hole White Ring (4:32)
6. Toy Boat (5:15)
7. Lying Next to You (6:59)
8. Just Obscene (4:17)
9. All the Love in the World (3:57)