petak, 29. srpnja 2011.

Amy Winehouse - The Ska EP Expanded

What a great cover.
I won't be getting into the unfortunate girl's fate here, as I'm sure you've read more than enough about it these last days (as I'm writing this it's been less than a week since she has passed away); I'll just share a part of her musical story some of you may have not be aware of - at least I wasn't, until quite recently. Here is a collection of her ska recordings, comprising four studio covers of classics you probably know if you're at least a bit of a ska fan; six more live recordings of (mostly) the same songs; a live cover of a song I never liked, but have included for completeness' sake ("Free Nelson Mandela" by The Special AKA); and a bonus cover of one of Amy's songs performed by 2Tone legends The Selecter, a few hours after she died, less than two miles from her flat. Heavy shit.

Here's what Terry Hall of the Specials looks like these days. And what has been seen, CANNOT BE UNSEEN.
Anyway, from what can be heard on these recordings, Amy was a fantastic ska performer, picking mostly material from the 2Tone era (either Specials songs or songs The Specials had covered, basically), but delivering them in a wonderfully giddy, childish tone, which makes them sound much closer to the Jamaican originals of the Sixties, at least to my ears; add to that the clipped sound featured on many of the songs here (that's the way to think of it - a feature, not a bug!), and you've got yourself a great fake ska classic from '65. Have fun!

Track listing:

1. Monkey Man (2:54)
2. Hey Little Rich Girl (3:33)
3. You're Wondering Now (2:32)
4. Cupid (3:23)
5. Hey Little Rich Girl (Glastonbury 2008) (3:46)
6. A Message to You, Rudy (Glastonbury 2008) (4:07)
7. You're Wondering Now (Glastonbury 2008) (3:00)
8. Cupid (Glastonbury 2007) (4:00)
9. Hey Little Rich Girl (Glastonbury 2007) (4:19)
10. Monkey Man (Glastonbury 2007) (3:05)
11. Free Nelson Mandela (Mandela's 90th Birthday) (5:24)
12. The Selecter - Back to Black (O2 Arena Islington 2011) (4:26)


utorak, 26. srpnja 2011.

Carter USM - Live in Zagreb 20.05.1994., Pt. 2

A picture from the 2007 Brixton Academy gig, which you'll hear about later.
Carter USM, one of my favourite bands, had a brush with popularity which to me seems completely unexpected - sure, their combination of distorted guitars and pop-friendly sequencers does sound like something that could warrant a novelty hit or two, but I could never help but listen to the lyrics, which talked about systematic abuse in old people's homes, rape, war mutilation or slimy landlords - and some of those were the actual hits! Theirs was a subject matter much more common in grindcore than the charts; but I guess those people who only bought the hit singles were the ones who didn't listen to lyrics anyway. Jim Bob's poetry, and I do call it poetry, is the best stuff I have ever heard from a band, punk or otherwise (and I do also call them "punk"!), aside from maybe Joe Strummer's most inspired moments. I believe this is why they still have a rather large cult following, even thirteen years after the demise of the band, and their sporadic reunion concerts are always sold out long in advance (the one I saw, at Brixton Academy in 2007, was sold out six months before the actual gig - I wonder whether, say, Ned's Atomic Dustbin could pull that off). Their depictions of the life of the underdog are so vivid and real that their slowly declining career arc seems weirdly appropriate - they were just two (later three, even later six) guys who were thrust into a world they had no connection with and no love for, and it's no wonder they were quickly ejected from it arse over tit. That's what gives their lyrics such poignancy, and I admit to have found myself misty eyed more than once while sitting by my cassette player and belting out lyrics such as "And in round two, we'll fight like Ali; and by the end of the second round, we'll be singing you and whose army are gonna stop us now?" - coming right after that most humble of rallying calls, "We'll paint the town a lighter shade of grey and brown". WOW. Sadly there was no second round for them, and after being dropped from label after label - due to reasons as simple and logical as nobody buying their records after the "Pet Shop Pistols" fad ended - the band quietly stopped, with the two songwriters, Fruitbat and Jim Bob, continuing to operate way under the radar with new projects, some of which would be quite worthy of your time, if you had time for Carter in the first place. Anyway, to cut this tirade short, they had a couple of concerts in Croatia way back when; a part of the second one, from 1994, was released as a bonus disc to the "Worry Bomb" album (their finest - and the one where they lost their schtick, and their popularity, by taking a live drummer on board) and it's rather easy to obtain, either second hand or on file sharing services; however four more songs from the show were released as a CD single, "The Young Offender's Mum Part Two", and are much more elusive. Here they are then, and if I ever lay my hands on the "Flicking the V's" video tape which features the whole show, you'll be the first to know.

Maggie Thatcher on the cover and the couplet "Would you like to teach the world to sing? You're gonna get your head kicked in." I told you they were a punk band!
Track listing:

1. The Young Offender's Mum (3:52)
2. Rubbish (3:17)
3. Suicide Isn't Painless (1:39)
4. Falling on a Bruise (7:07)


You can read all of Carter's lyrics here, so please do. Every song is an embarrassment of riches, from "Rubbish"'s inverted rock'n'roll cliché "When I drive that heap down the road you can hear that cheap car stereo, volume knob turned down low and rubbish on the radio", to "The Music That Nobody Likes"'s overbearing desperation that should make anyone pause and think, sequencers or no sequencers:

Out of the mouths of babes bearing arms
Come the terrified sounds of a baby's alarm
At the kidnap and rape of his family and friends
Who've been taken away to be ethnically cleansed
And the banners and badges and your anarchist friends
Say "Apocalypse Now man!"
And "Never Again!"
And I know the following smut
Should be censored, OK
But this shit is fucked, as they say in the U.S.A
And they say it in Mexico, London and Jericho,
Berlin and Birmingham, Belfast and Tokyo,
Amsterdam, Vietnam, Iran, Afghanistan,
Disneyland, Narnia, former Yugoslavia
Yes siree boy, there's nothing worth living for
But it really ain't worth dying for
So just say three hail Jesus and Mary Chains,
and say goodnight Jim Bob.

petak, 22. srpnja 2011.

Vokalni kvartet ''Rebus'' - Pjesma Pivovare Osijek

Kad žarko sunce obasja grad
Vrućina jaka, što ćemo sad?
Na nebu nema oblaka
Sparina guši nas!

U rijeci Dravi tražimo spas
Upalih kola dodajem gas
Za piće što ćemo podnijeti
Osječke pivare pivo je najbolje za nas sve!

Osječko pivo piti je spas
Proizvod dobar, svaka mu čast!
Osječko pivo dobar je lijek
Pijmo ga braćo, gasi nam žeđ!

Ako si tužan, umoran ti
Otvori bocu, nek pivo vri
Natoči čašu, ispij do dna
Nestat će umor, tuga i jad!

Čašicu Zrinskog pred ručak popij
A i kad ručaš pivo ti godi
Godi, godi - ajd pogodi!
Godi, godi - ajd pogodi!
Godi, pogodi čije je pivo najbolje?
Osječke pivare pivo je najbolje za nas sve!

Osječko pivo traži se svud
Kvalitet dobar, ovdje trebam pomoć
Pije ga narod, pije ga svijet
Pijte ga braćo, o dobar vam tek
Pijte ga braćo, o dobar vam tek

Pijte ga braćo, o dobar vam tek!

Track listing:

1. Pjesma Pivovare Osijek (2:22)
2. Zrinsko Frankopanka (2:46)


UK Subs - Live in Ljubljana 1986

Here's another one from the "Vsi zivi" series, sadly with not as great of a sound as the first one. I believe the original tape sounded much better, but the rip probably came from a tenth-generation copy; if anyone who owns a better sounding copy reads this, you know where to find me. Check this out: the Subs were already a 10 years old band when this was recorded. Twenty-five years later, they're still THE SHIT, at least live (not "shit", "the shit"!). Respect.

Pic stolen from this great blog (at least if you can read Croatian).

Track listing:

1. Endangered Species (2:47)
2. NY State Police (2:30)
3. I Couldn't Be You (2:16)
4. I Live in a Car (1:21)
5. Warhead (3:35)
6. You Don't Belong (2:47)
7. Party in Paris (2:00)
8. Teenage (2:27)
9. Left for Dead (1:17)
10. SK8 Tough (1:57)
11. Stranglehold (2:23)
12. Tomorrow's Girls (2:28)
13. New Barbarians (3:17)
14. Organised Crime (2:09)
15. Crash Course (1:38)
16. All I Wanna Do (1:39)


četvrtak, 21. srpnja 2011.

Sonic Youth - Live in Slovenia 1985 and 1987

This is an "official bootleg" tape released by the great Slovenian label FV Music, part of their "Vsi zivi" cassette series which also featured concerts held in Slovenia by bands such as Nomeansno, Swans, Pere Ubu, UK Subs and a few others. I hope I'll manage to complete the whole series one day; this is the first installment I got a hold of. The first five songs are from a 1985 show in Sentvid and the remaining seven from the one held in Ljubljana in 1987. The sound is quite good and so are the performances - if you're a fan you should like this.

Track listing:

1. Halloween (5:11)
2. Brother James (3:06)
3. Kill Yr. Idols (2:32)
4. Into the Groovey (Madonna) (2:23)
5. I Love Her All the Time (6:35)
6. Schizophrenia (4:20)
7. Expressway to Yr. Skull (5:54)
8. Pacific Coast Highway (4:12)
9. Stereo Sanctity (3:15)
10. Tom Violence (2:40)
11. White Cross (4:15)
12. Hot Wire My Heart (Crime) (3:36)


utorak, 19. srpnja 2011.

Rent a Cow - High Noon in Wanker County

Here's a fun mini album by Rent a Cow, an obscure German cow-punk band from the 90s, a tape of which I had long ago - now I found it again so I might as well share it. Their music was excellent (check out the song "Rest My Bones" especially), and although I do have a bit of a problem with the lyrics (you can't really do country/rock'n'roll clichés as a foreigner if you're not incredibly well-versed in the language, and even then it can sound corny - look at all the Swedish rockers), the songs are more than worth hearing. They have one more album which you can buy here should you wish so, and a 7" single which will most probably remain in the 90s. Enjoy!

Track listing:

1. Fuck Me in the Middle of My Body (2:22)
2. Son of a Gun (1:52)
3. Turned Traitor for a Piece of Tail (Nine Pound Hammer) (1:23)
4. Rest My Bones (4:39)
5. Great Balls of Jim Bob (1:43)
6. Death by Hanging (5:27)
7. Hard Working Good Looking (1:49)
8. Bad Moon Rising (Creedence Clearwater Revival) (1:30)


ponedjeljak, 18. srpnja 2011.

Lazy Cowgirls - The Singles

Unfortunately the retarded Blogger interface has managed to destroy my original post for this band, and I don't feel like writing again, so here is just the music - most of their non-album output, including a four song demo for the "Ragged Soul" LP (my favourite of theirs) and a couple of live sessions. The split single with Dicky B. Hardy from Slovenia is added as a separate download, because the recording of "Not a Goddamn Thing" that appears on it is the same one as on the "Rank Outsider" LP.

Disc One:

1. Pat's Message to Monika (0:38)
2. Sock It to Me Santa (2:24)
3. Can't You Do Anything Right? (3:14)
4. Losin' Your Mind (2:29)
5. Meat Shop (1:34)
6. Dye 'n' Red (2:44)
7. A Lot to Learn (2:58)
8. Reborn (2:40)
9. Haven't Had a Drink in a Long Time (with Jeff Dahl) (2:11)
10. Platypus Man (with Jeff Dahl) (3:12)
11. The Long Goodbye (2:53)
12. Who Are the Mystery Girls? (2:48)
13. Crazy Arms (2:09)
14. Loretta (1:41)
15. Hybrid Moments (1:35)
16. Anymore (live) (2:45)
17. What Are You Talkin' 'bout Baby? (live) (1:38)
18. Tearful Pillows (live) (2:44)
19. I'm Talking to You (live) (2:00)
20. Loretta (live) (1:44)
21. Sex Kittens Compare Scratches (live) (3:19)
22. How It Looks - How It Is (live) (3:00)
23. Cheap Shit (live) (3:10)
24. Jungle Song (2:04)
25. Rock of Gibraltar (3:03)
26. Justine (live) (3:08)
27. Bullshit Summer Song (live) (1:54)
28. Intellectual Baby (3:07)


Disc Two:

1. The Wayward Wind (2:47)
2. This Is Where I Belong (3:07)
3. Drugs II (3:31)
4. Repeat After Me (4:15)
5. 50,000 Things (demo) (3:25)
6. Much Too Slow (demo) (3:10)
7. Who You Callin' a Slut? (demo) (2:39)
8. Never Got the Chance to Lie to You (demo) (4:14)
9. Frustration, Tragedy & Lies (4:03)
10. Don't Tempt Me (3:27)
11. Here I Sit (3:22)
12. Another Long Goodbye (2:39)
13. I Can Almost Remember (5:10)
14. You Got a Hard Time Coming (3:51)
15. Left You Behind (2:16)
16. Route 66 (3:28)
17. Just the Last Goodbye (2:25)
18. That Makes It Tough (2:18)
19. Home of the Blues (2:12)
20. Broken Hearted on Valentine's Day (4:57)
21. Goodbye to Yesterday (2:59)
22. You (2:32)
23. When It Comes to You, I've Got No Dreams Left to Lose (4:29)


Split single with Dicky B. Hardy:

1. Lazy Cowgirls - Pat's Message to Monika (0:38)
2. Lazy Cowgirls - Not a Goddamn Thing (2:40)
3. Dicky B. Hardy - Guess Hate Wrote This (2:19)


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Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Live at Krizanke, Ljubljana 1994 - VIDEO

This is the only picture of Cave in Ljubljana in 1994 that I could find. A charming one!
I've seen Nick Cave for the first time in my life a few weeks ago, in the guise of Grinderman; I was happy to see him and the show was quite good - entertaining and energetic, but I had a problem with the SONGS. To my ears, they were mostly only good songs, with maybe two very good ones, and no great ones; and that is the feeling I get with Cave's whole post-"Murder Ballads" output, either with the Bad Seeds or otherwise. I will admit that I haven't really given those records very many chances, but then again, I never needed to give more than one chance to "Prayers on Fire" or "The Good Son". Anyway, this is a show from the tour for "Henry's Dream", while he was still fantastic, and it is a very high quality single-camera shot with excellent sound; you can see it on YouTube, but this is a higher quality version. Unfortunately it's not the complete show, but the nine songs that are included are all excellent. It's a single file but here is the track listing:

1. Your Funeral, My Trial
2. Tupelo
3. Do You Love Me?
4. Papa Won't Leave You, Henry
5. Red Right Hand
6. The Ship Song
7. Brother, My Cup Is Empty
8. The Weeping Song
9. Jack the Ripper

And here are the download links.

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D.R.I. - I.M.Y.T. Compilation

D.R.I. are one of my favourite bands in at least two genres - hardcore punk and thrash metal. I've seen them twice in the last year or so, and both shows were total brain pummeling. What a wonderful band. Here I'm sharing three hard-to-find songs of theirs - "Against Me" (a demo recorded way back in 2004 - a long, long time ago, when music was much better, and even this song's namesake band didn't suck!), "Hide Your Eyes" and "Out of Mind" (cassette and LP bonus tracks from the "Definition" album, which should supposedly be re-released one fine day, and that is of course the day I take them down off the blog). In order not to have an eight minute download, I've added two so-so bootlegs from the mid-Eighties (both with unexceptional sound, one incomplete - but the other from a show with SLAYER! wooohoooo!), alongside a rather often circulated demo, bootlegged as "Dirtiest Filthiest Demos", if memory serves. The sound quality is shit but there are fun versions of "Johnny B. Goode" and "Louie Louie" at the end, plus a few songs which might be otherwise unreleased (the bootlegger didn't recognize them and neither did I, but then again, early D.R.I. isn't exactly "Sandinista!" in terms of eclecticism or song lengths - it all sounds the same, but it's an excellent same!). Hope you like it!

Track listing:

1. Against Me (2:06)
2. Hide Your Eyes (2:20)
3. Out Of Mind (3:45)
4. Nursing Home Blues (live) (4:13)
5. Violent Pacification (live) (2:48)
6. Marriage (live) (0:48)
7. Karma (live) (2:25)
8. Argument Then War (live) (3:13)
9. Evil Minds (live) (1:11)
10. God Is Broke (live) (1:00)
11. Soup Kitchen (live) (2:17)
12. The Explorer (live) (1:35)
13. Shame (live) (2:19)
14. Snap (live) (1:01)
15. Yes Ma'am (live) (1:40)
16. Reaganomics (live) (0:36)
17. Commuter Man (live) (1:13)
18. Stupid, Stupid War (live) (0:37)
19. Couch Slouch (live) (1:21)
20. Running Around (live) (1:06)
21. I'd Rather Be Sleeping (live) (1:04)
22. Give My Taxes Back (live) (1:05)
23. Mad Man (live) (0:44)
24. Who Am I? (live) (0:33)
25. Busted Again (live) (0:55)
26. Sad to Be (live) (2:18)
27. The Explorer (live) (1:35)
28. Slit My Wrist (live) (0:28)
29. Busted Again (live) (1:03)
30. Stupid, Stupid War/Counter Attack (live) (1:07)
31. I'd Rather Be Sleeping (live) (1:30)
32. Running Around/Couch Slouch/To Open Closed Doors (live) (2:55)
33. I Don't Need Society (1:14)
34. No Sense (1:11)
35. F.R.D.C. (0:24)
36. Sad to Be (1:14)
37. Plastique (0:40)
38. (unknown) (0:17)
39. Draft Me (0:18)
40. Money Stinks (0:47)
41. Yes Ma'am (0:52)
42. Equal People (0:53)
43. Capitalist Suck (0:35)
44. Human Waste (0:20)
45. Misery Loves Company (0:20)
46. (unknown) (0:49)
47. Reaganomics (0:25)
48. (unknown) (0:51)
49. Guilty (0:41)
50. War Crimes (1:24)
51. Stupid, Stupid War (0:35)
52. Slit My Wrists (0:32)
53. My Fate to Hate (0:28)
54. Who Am I? (0:38)
55. Shame (0:30)
56. Busted (0:42)
57. Closet Punk (0:31)
58. Give My Taxes Back (0:47)
59. Balance of Terror (0:33)
60. Blockhead (0:52)
61. Johnny B. Goode (1:01)
62. (unknown) (1:15)
63. Louie Louie (1:15)

I love these 60-songs-per-CD track lists so much. I mean, really, how pretentious is it to think FORTY WHOLE SECONDS aren't enough to convey an idea???


petak, 8. srpnja 2011.

Bitch Magnet - Live in OKS, Osijek, 1990

Picture stolen from this blog. Get another BM live recording there.
This here recording means A LOT to me. It is a recording of a show by an important, influential and well-known American band - held in the little student's club of my hometown, the place where I spent much of my early youth, and even played with two of my crappy bands. I was only nine at the time when foreign bands actually visited Osijek (the same year Cows and God Bullies played the same venue), and the war that started in 1991 killed all "alternative" momentum that was building up throughout the Eighties. When I came of age and started going to shows roundabouts 1996/1997, OKS was still a place punk bands could play, but the roster went down a few levels - out-of-town acts were limited to Croatian demo or DIY-tape-level punk bands, while the local ones went from excellent, yet forever underground bands like Cog, to high school punk-as-fuck excuses for getting drunk, all the way down to guys from nearby villages in their thirties playing rock standards, local pop underachievers, and a vomit-inducing Hare Krishna-type hippie bullshit called Tattva (these last three types of bands tried their best to ruin my childhood and I hate them all for this). After a few years, at the beginning of the 21st century, the place managed to go even lower, and is now a mecca for local "Golden Youth", a term which I can't even begin to describe without wasting tons of precious black ink on my monitor, so here are a few pictures which might give you an idea of how a Bitch Magnet show in OKS in 2011 would look:

The owner, a local mogul and martial arts enthusiast.
Some kind of tit-fest, I guess a beauty pageant.
Bosnian folk singer Mile Kitic (roughly translated as "Lovable Little Cock"), being a bitch magnet.
Anyway, let's get back to the topic, that is, this Bitch Magnet show. This is a soundboard recording, meaning that aside from some clipping due to a too high volume setting, it's pretty excellent-sounding. It was obviously recorded on a 60 min tape, and therefore features most of the show, sans the better part of "Valmead", and I'd say about half of the Mission of Burma cover "Dirt", after tape sides ran out (which is sad because this is the only recording of this cover I know of). Instead of that, you get a three-and-a-half minute bass string replacement, including a pointless drum solo, a failed Albini-style Q&A-session, and lots of nerdy voices (check out the most inappropriate "Born to rock!" ever). A fun detail is how Sooyoung keeps making remarks about the audience being incredibly quiet - well, if he'd come to play Osijek these days, there'd be fifteen people in the venue, with another hundred outside, complaining at the shocking door price of roughly three beers. But I digress - all in all, this is a really nice piece of local history for my friends from Osijek, and a quite good live document for any Bitch Magnet fan, to get you through the waiting for their reunion later this year (confirming my long-time prediction that we are nearing the moment when every band that ever existed, will reunite and play shows. Can't wait for that Robert Johnson gig at Pitchfork Festival 2036!)

Track listing:

1. Dragoon (12:02)
2. Punch and Judy (2:40)
3. Big Pining (5:23)
4. Motor (4:17)
5. Lookin' at the Devil (4:14)
6. Valmead (cut) (1:13)
7. Ducks and Drakes (5:50)
8. Mesentery (3:34)
9. Goat-Legged Country God (3:07)
10. Drum Improvisation (3:31)
11. Americruiser (7:56)
12. Sea of Pearls (4:05)
13. Dirt (Mission of Burma - cut) (2:42)


četvrtak, 7. srpnja 2011.

Concrete Worms - Punk Rock Crew + Live at Garage Fire 13.06.2009.

Pictures stolen from here.
Concrete Worms are my favourite currently active punk rock band from the ex-Yugoslavian region. They've got it all - excellent male-female vocals by the husband and wife duo of Dragan and Dragana (hah!), a wonderful unhinged energy provided by the excellent drummer Ilija, and an incredible range of covers which shows a true love of all things punk rock (New Bomb Turks! Johnny Thunders! Poison Idea! The Humpers! Misfits! The Exploited! And most incredibly, "Jackson", made famous by Johnny and June Carter Cash - you know Johnny Cash, he's that guy who - according to all the other bands' cover choices - performed only two songs in his whole career). I saw them live at least 10 times, and every show was incredible, making me look forward to each one like it's the only time I'll ever be able to see them. I have uploaded an old demo of theirs, which is not available for sale as far as I know, and which is good, but not as great as they now are; and an excellent, but sadly short live recording from two years ago, which is as great as anything you've ever heard. They have released two better CD's after this one, called "Just Gamblin'..." and "Cities of Death", but you can buy those from the band for some ridiculous price - so do that.

Track listing:

1. S-Bombs (1:25)
2. Bad Feelin' (2:14)
3. Gambler (2:08)
4. Reason (2:13)
5. Here Today (2:41)
6. Friend (1:53)
7. You're Killin' Me (2:10)
8. Lies (1:50)
9. Drunk as a Skunk (1:37)
10. Mr. Policeman (2:34)
11. Don't Get Me Wrong (2:02)
12. Refuse to Lose (2:58)
13. Hooligans on the Streets (live) (3:22)
14. Need to See You (live) (2:35)
15. Union Job (live) (2:40)
16. Never Blue (live) (4:00)
17. You Can Go Now (live) (2:03)
18. Jackson (live) (3:16)


nedjelja, 3. srpnja 2011.

The Pogues - Live in Cologne 11.07.1991. (with Joe Strummer)

Photos are from a Paris show, same year, same tour.
This is more of an "important" bootleg than a "good" one - the sound quality leaves much to be desired, and while it's not as bad as most audience recordings from before the digital age, you probably won't be starting each new day with listening to this. Still, it's one of the better-sounding recordings of Joe Strummer's tenure as a Pogue, when he replaced the dysfunctional drunken poet Shane MacGowan (who is still dysfunctional and drunk, but now is again a member of the reformed Pogues - I guess it's easier to work with a guy like him in a cash-grab nostalgia act*, than in an active band which produces new music). Who would've thought in 1991 that twenty years later (and I'll see the Pogues on 14.07.2011. - twenty years almost to the day!) Joe would be dead, while Shane would still be gigging? I guess even the Devil himself is scared of having to face Shane MacGowan's hangover after fifty years of drinking.

Track listing:

1. Intro (0:59)
2. If I Should Fall from Grace with God (2:27)
3. Sayonara (2:54)
4. Cotton Fields (3:02)
5. Young Ned of the Hill (4:48)
6. Rain Street (3:54)
7. Repeal of the Licensing Laws (2:36)
8. Tombstone (3:04)
9. Turkish Song of the Damned (3:41)
10. Gartloney Rats (2:42)
11. London Calling (3:32)
12. Metropolis (2:55)
13. Thousands Are Sailing (4:42)
14. The Sunnyside of the Street (2:47)
15. Straight to Hell (6:36)
16. Medley (3:56)
17. Dirty Old Town (3:51)
18. The Sick Bed of Cuchulainn (3:40)
19. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (5:03)
20. Star of the County Down (3:08)
21. I Fought the Law (2:43)
22. Brand New Cadillac (2:03)
23. The Parting Glass (4:41)


* If this sounded bitter, it isn't - I don't have much against nostalgia cash-grabs, especially now in the Internet age, when you can easily find out who's in the band, what songs they're playing, and how they're playing them, before you decide to buy a ticket. I'm giddy with excitement for seeing them.

subota, 2. srpnja 2011.

Napalm Death - Live at Earthdom, Tokyo, 11.09.2010.

I guess this show was added to the tour later?
In my opinion today's Napalm Death is the best Napalm Death ever, and this show is as great as any one I've heard or been to. The sound quality is, let's say medium, with a bit of a booming low end and a little too much crowd noise, but otherwise rather clear and noise-free. The recording is a bit short at 52 minutes - I wonder whether it was a short set, or if it's incomplete - there's no "Greed Killing" here, which they played every time I saw them. I'd also love to have the opening set by "Napalm Truth", Venomous Concept (Shane Embury and Danny Herrera + Kevin Sharp and Dan Lilker) - if I ever find it, I'll add it to the post.

Track listing:

1. Intro/Strong Arm (4:09)
2. Unchallenged Hate (2:56)
3. Suffer the Children (4:05)
4. Silence Is Deafening (6:03)
5. Life and Limb (3:10)
6. Diktat (3:38)
7. When All Is Said and Done (2:53)
8. It's a M.A.N.S. World! (0:55)
9. From Enslavement to Obliteration (3:19)
10. On the Brink of Extinction (4:22)
11. Scum (2:59)
12. Life? (0:38)
13. The Kill (0:26)
14. Deceiver (0:37)
15. You Suffer (1:05)
16. Mass Appeal Madness (4:08)
17. Nazi Punks Fuck Off! (3:48)
18. Siege of Power (3:27)


petak, 1. srpnja 2011.

Debeli precjednik - Demos, Comps, EPs 1996-2001

Bubi didn't jump. Poseur.

Debeli precjednik/Fat Prezident is probably the biggest and most popular punk rock band in Croatia to willingly stay firmly in the underground - a highly respectful band composed of highly disrespectful individuals, so to say. Here's a compilation of their early material which you can mostly find in other places online, but not all together in a single file - so that's my contribution to the Scene. It contains their first and second demo tapes, two live songs from this compilation, two more songs from a compilation I'll put up some other time (thanks to Istva for the rip), the "Tribute to Zli Farmeri" EP, and a live cover from a show in KSET. "Pobuna" from the first demo is my favourite song of theirs, as it has only three short parts, but every one of them could have easily been a whole great song in its own right - shoving them all together in just two minutes makes a totally over-the-top melodic punk hit for the ages. The rest of their career is shit but what can you do? :)

Track listing:

1. Ne (2:09)
2. Pobuna (2:13)
3. Zajedno (1:36)
4. Superstar - Another Day (2:20)
5. San manje (2:45)
6. Bez mozga (1:10)
7. Subforce (2:02)
8. I'll Never Fall in Love (1:32)
9. Neca (0:28)
10. Remember (2:03)
11. Secrets (1:11)
12. Inside (1:50)
13. Let Her Go (2:01)
14. When the Sun Comes Down (1:46)
15. Blown Away (2:11)
16. Subforce (live) (1:54)
17. 4 O (live) (3:30)
18. Old Days (2:19)
19. Always (2:33)
20. Farmersko srce (2:05)
21. Farmersko srce (alt. version) (2:05)
22. I've Turned into a Pastir (1:24)
23. Bon Jovi Straight Outta Mental Care Institution (0:30)
24. Anal Boys (live - Why stakla) (2:17)


Here's me having fun at a DP/FP show in Sisak (nikada nece biti Cucak).