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Borci protiv pokvarenog sistema - Diskografija

I've been away from the blog for a while, so this is sort of a "comeback" post - and what should a punk rock comeback be like? Judging by most historical examples, it should be... shitty. Hence, my band from the turn of the century, Fighters Against the Rotten System, or Borci protiv pokvarenog sistema. I played bass, wrote lyrics, sang a little, and masterminded the whole shenanigan, and the story goes something like this...

Back in 1998, Croatian punk rock scene consisted almost exclusively of anarcho bands, who were mostly nice people and had completely laudable goals; however, in mine and my friends' opinion, they played generic music and wrote inept, naive and boring lyrics, aimed at people who already knew and agreed with everything they sang about. That's why we decided to start the most retarded and generic anarcho band there ever was, probably hoping to prove something, and to master our instruments enough to start a "real" band someday. The real band never came to be, my bass guitar got sold for 100 deutsch mark when money ran out on a summer vacation, and all that remains of my musical career are two demo recordings, two atrocious live shows*, one sadly prophetic song title, and fun memories. Here for the first time (and I know you've been craving this since you first heard about this strange thing called "punk rock") is the complete B.P.P.S. recorded legacy, for the whole world to see, hear, and dismiss as stupid childish prattle that it was. What the hell, we've had fun!

You can find the complete lyrics at the B.P.P.S. web site, proudly not updated since 2001, here. They're not great but they certainly beat the music - and that approach worked wonders for Anal Cunt, didn't it? There's also a completely fictitious band history, which a surprisingly large number of people took seriously - I guess you really can't make a parody obvious enough.

And yeah, if you can't speak Croatian, forget about the whole thing. Did I mention the music was shitty?

"Anarhija uzvraca udarac" - full band demo + assorted bonus tracks

1. Intro - PMS (Ramones) (1:33)
2. Najbolji hrvatski pankeri (Psihomodo pop) (1:42)
3. Ne jedite zivotinje (1:41)
4. Revolucija kao nacin tvoga razmisljanja (1:35)
5. Homoseksualci su dobri (1:43)
6. Nalocimo se alkohola (1:20)
7. Moja mater pece langose (1:39)
8. Zelim biti skinhed (2:24)
9. Moras slijediti Fistru (2:31)
10. Bojkotirajmo proklete multinacionale (2:36)
11. Outro - PMS (Ramones) (0:53)
12. Tucimo sminkere (2:25)
13. Blues mlade pankerice (1:26)
14. Ne jedite brze zivotinje (0:53)
15. Borci luda vojska (live) (The Exploited) (2:44)
16. Can't Truss Da Pozeurz (Public Enemy) (2:18)
17. Hajde da pogujemo (Tatjana Matejas-Tajci) (1:30)
18. Moras slijediti Fistru (super anarcho mix 2000) (3:58)
19. Green Power (Skrewdriver) (1:43) **
20. McDonald's Blues (Traditional) (3:39)


"Rarities" - original acoustic demo + live shows

1. Nalocimo se alkohola (1:22)
2. Najbolji hrvatski pankeri (1:42)
3. Homoseksualci su dobri (1:35)
4. Moras slijediti Fistru (2:19)
5. Bojkotirajmo proklete multinacionale (1:00)
6. Blues male pankerice (1:27)
7. Policija ne voli Gigu (1:40)
8. Tucimo sminkere (2:27)
9. Lale seljacino (2:59)
10. Intro (live) (1:25)
11. Nalocimo se alkohola (live) (2:08)
12. Najbolji hrvatski pankeri (live) (2:30)
13. Revolucija kao nacin tvoga razmisljanja (live) (3:15)
14. Borci luda vojska (live) (2:46)
15. Ne jedite zivotinje (live) (3:07)
16. Zelim biti skinhed (live) (2:27)
17. Moja mater pece langose (live) (2:06)
18. Bojkotirajmo proklete multinacionale (live) (5:07)
19. Intro (live) (1:13)
20. Revolucija kao nacin tvoga razmisljanja (live) (1:56)
21. Ne jedite zivotinje (live) (2:40)
22. Zelim biti skinhed (live) (2:23)
23. Homoseksualci su dobri (live) (3:35)
24. Najbolji hrvatski pankeri (live) (2:20)
25. Moja mater pece langose (live) (2:47)
26. Nalocimo se alkohola (live) (2:30)
27. Bojkotirajmo proklete multinacionale (live) (0:42)
28. Green Power (demo) (2:18)


* The first show was delayed for a week because our president/dictator died on the day of the show. How punk rock is that?
** I must admit that even after all these years, I'm still a bit proud of writing a pro-vegan cover of a Skrewdriver song. If we don't free our cattle, indeed!

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