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Dare to Go - 1989-1993

So, two days after posting the Hell's Bells EP, I take out the next tape in my "to rip" box, and what do you know - it's Hell's Bells again. Or, at least the first two songs are: turns out that Dare to Go, a band I knew nothing about, was created from the remnants of Hell's Bells, and this anthology-type cassette contains the two songs from the A-side of the "Apage Satanas!" EP. I still don't enjoy those songs too much, mostly because of the lyrics and the vocals, although the bass playing is pretty solid, and for me the highlight of this version of the band. As for the later DTG material, it's less hardcore and more "alternative", but not in the post-Nirvana polished grunge sense - this was still the EARLY Nineties. The lyrics are in English now and the vocal is less prominent in the mix; I'm not sure if the singing is better than before, but this singer doesn't grate on my nerves like the original one did. Dare to Go later evolved into another band called Modrobradi, but I don't have any of their recordings to share; there's a Myspace page for you to check out if you are interested.

Track listing:

1. Probisvjeti (2:12)
2. Krv nije votka (2:54)
3. Hometown (2:37)
4. Without You (3:27)
5. I Don't Believe You (1:47)
6. For Me You're Nothing (2:07)
7. Skyline (2:39)
8. Now You Can Guess Why (3:33)
9. See You in Red (4:03)


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