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Samson - Telephone/Mr. Rock'n'Roll

Clive Burr, the drummer on the first three Iron Maiden albums, has passed away today after a long battle with multiple sclerosis. In every picture, interview or live video I saw of him he had the most infectious smile in all of metal (yes, more than even Barney Greenaway's!); I've obviously never met him but he seemed like such a nice guy that I can't help feeling sadness for his sad and premature ending. He was also probably the most rockin' drummer Maiden ever had, not to take anything away from Nicko of course. Here are the first two singles by his first band, Samson (the same Samson Bruce Dickinson later also deserted for Maiden), which are his first published recordings. This is before Bruce's era in Samson, so the vocals are handled by guitarist Paul Samson himself, and the general vibe of the recordings is somewhere between (very) early NWOBHM and regular 70's rock, with maybe even a little pub rock thrown in (the first track, "Telephone", reminds me of Dr. Feelgood in a few places). Rest in peace mate, and thanks for the smiles.


Track listing:

1. Telephone (3:02)
2. Leavin' You (3:15)
3. Mr. Rock'n'Roll (3:51)
4. Driving Music (3:39)


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