srijeda, 4. rujna 2013.

Sepultura - Arise Rough Mixes

This is a rip of a rare LP that was pressed for the 1991 Rock in Rio festival, containing early mixes of the whole "Arise" album. The sound quality is perfect, too, so I guess nothing can go wrogn with today's "tape"... Oh except for the fact that this recording sounds basically identical to the officially released version. I haven't compared the songs one by one, but after loving and cherishing this album for 20 years, I think it's been engrained in my brain sufficiently that I can remember every riff, solo and vocal effect by heart. The only difference I was able to detect is that "Dead Embryonic Cells" lacks its intro, so if you really hated those 20 seconds of atmospheric sounds, today's your lucky day. Otherwise, add this to your collection, listen to it once and then put it away - that's what I'll do.

Track listing:

1. Arise (3:19)
2. Dead Embryonic Cells (4:31)
3. Desperate Cry (6:46)
4. Murder (3:27)
5. Subtraction (4:49)
6. Altered State (6:37)
7. Under Siege (4:45)
8. Meaningless Movements (4:40)
9. Infected Voice (3:17)


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