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Cog - 1996-2003

Cog were a brilliant noise rock band from Osijek, Croatia, playing in the vein of late '80s and early '90s Touch & Go and AmRep bands, sounding most similar to Steve Albini's later bands, Shellac and (especially) Rapeman. They played for a decade before finally releasing their first album, at which point they decided to call it quits. I think I have seen them live more than any other band, some 15 or 20 times, but I am still sad for not being able to see them play again. When I started going to shows at the age of fifteen or sixteen, a time when my musical taste began with the Sex Pistols and ended with the Exploited, I didn't really like them, but I felt obliged to go and see them every time, because they were officially "a great band". I remember watching them and waiting for a friend to say "let's go take a piss" so we could somehow forget to return to the front of the stage and continue enjoying beer and discussions on whether the Sex Pistols or the Exploited are the best band ever. Luckily for me, they hung around long enough for me to start liking them, then loving them, then becoming friends with them. Their drummer Antun, who played on the CD but not on this compilation, now plays guitar in two other bands, This Day Will Burn (not to be confused with an American band with the same - in my opinion rather stupid :) - name), and Sizif; the other two members, bass player Dindo and guitar player and vocalist Mario, do not play any more, as far as I know. This is a compilation of all their recordings apart from that CD, namely two demo tapes ("Puppet Play" from 1996 and "Beef Eater", I believe from 1997), a few compilation appearances, a promo EP recorded shortly before the album, and a live recording of a song which was not released anywhere else. All of the recordings except for the live song feature their original drummer, Larson. If you like this stuff you can buy the CD from Moonlee Records for a meager sum of five Euros.

The track listing:

1. Puppet Play (2:32)
2. Smaller Bits (2:14)
3. Hands (1:37)
4. Fields on Fire (1:48)
5. Belly Dance (1:25)
6. Simon Says (2:03)
7. Crack (1:55)
8. Shave (2:48)
9. Ballad (Of the Gravedigger) (3:13)
10. Tub (2:20)
11. The Great Gulps of Heaven (2:11)
12. Beef Eater (2:25)
13. Butcher Shop (2:19)
14. Level (2:49)
15. The Great Gulps of Heaven alt. mix (2:16)
16. Gambler (2:24)
17. Daryll (Tech-Marvel) (3:33)
18. Onvolvo (2:25)
19. Worst Case Scenario (3:26)
20. Billy the Baptist (2:50)
21. Micrographia (live 2007) (bonus) (2:44)

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