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Naked Raygun - Live at WRUW

I wonder how many times I will use the phrase "best band ever" on this blog. Today the best band ever is Naked Raygun of Chicago, who you should listen to every day or you have, to paraphrase Mark Prindle, "been living your life incorrectly - go back and start again". I fell in love with them after hearing their song "I Remember" on a Homestead Records compilation back when I was in high school, a perfect pop song if there ever was one - you won't hear it on this live session for a Cleveland radio station, but you will hear many other incredible tunes, starting and ending with their two "hits", "Treason" and "I Don't Know". This is a live recording but the sound quality is excellent, and the set includes their cover of "Folsom Prison Blues", which I have not seen anywhere else. Enjoy!

Track listing:

1. Treason
2. Metastasis
3. Strip
4. Coldbringer
5. Dog At Large
6. The Promise
7. Walk In Cold
8. Jazz Gone Bad
9. Wonder Beer
10. Peacemaker
11. Vanilla Blue
12. Entrapment
13. Home
14. Backlash Jack
15. Hips Swingin'
16. Home of the Brave
17. Crowd Noise
18. Folsom Prison Blues
19. Surf Combat
20. I Don't Know
21. Outro


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