petak, 16. prosinca 2011.

Crime & the City Solution - Zivi v Ljubljani

Same story as yesterday, a Birthday Party offshoot performing live in Ljubljana during the latter part of the Eighties - this time, featuring Mick Harvey, and having featured Rowland S. Howard (he was out before this show). This show was recorded on September 16th 1988 if the Internet is to be trusted, the cassette rip is rather nice sounding (although there really is no need for the FLAC format I found and kept it in, because some people prefer hissy unlistenable bootlegs to be preserved in 10 MB-a-minute formats), so enjoy.

Track listing:

1. All Must Be Love (5:42)
2. The Greater Head (4:24)
3. On Every Train (3:37)
4. Angel (6:09)
5. Stone (4:20)
6. New World (4:43)
7. Hunter (2:45)
8. Dangling Man (4:47)
9. Encore (3:49)

Download part 1
Download part 2

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