četvrtak, 15. prosinca 2011.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Zivi v Ljubljani

Here is another one from the FV Music edition of "official bootlegs", featuring Nick Cave during the "Kicking Against the Pricks" tour. The sound quality is mostly rather good, although "Train Long Suffering" and "Wanted Man" unfortunately sound like shit for the most part due to a chewed source tape - I hope modern cassette enthusiasts will appreciate this "warm analogue sound".

Track listing:

1. I'm Gonna Kill That Woman (3:47)
2. Your Funeral, My Trial (4:11)
3. Long Time Man (5:26)
4. Train Long Suffering (3:53)
5. Wanted Man (5:33)
6. The Singer (3:37)
7. All Tomorrow's Parties (5:28)
8. Muddy Water (4:52)
9. I'm Gonna Kill That Woman (dif. source) (3:52)
10. Long Time Man (dif. source) (5:18)
11. All Tomorrow's Parties (dif. source) (5:28)
12. The Singer (dif. source) (3:42)


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