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Kepone - 6 Songs

Yet another in the long line of Best Bands Ever, Kepone released at least one 100% perfect masterpiece in their time together, their eponymous third - and sadly last - album, which has managed to pull off such an incredible combination of genres that I really have no-one else to compare them to. They had pop-punk melodies, married to noise-rock playing, interspersed with beautiful exuberant folk passages, which effortlessly crossed the line into redneck humor and back in the space of a few bars. Or at least that's how I hear them? Some more or less similar contemporaries might be Guzzard or Chokebore, but if you know of those bands, you know Kepone, too. Anyway, here is a short collection of their first two seven inches ("Henry/Prisoners" and "295/Phobic"), an appearance on a split single with my beloved Pegboy ("The Ghost"), and a compilation slot ("Holler"). They had one more 7" out, "Conjure Man/Fire on the Double Wide", but as you can buy those songs digitally, I'll refrain from including them here. Enjoy if you are already a fan, and if you are not, start with the "Kepone" album and proceed to your liking. Most of the time you can obtain all three of their CD's for a total of $15 or thereabouts; if you wish to do so, head over here.

Track listing:

1. Henry (5:41)
2. Prisoners (3:42)
3. 295 (2:03)
4. Phobic (2:46)
5. The Ghost (3:12)
6. Holler (4:09)


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