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David Byrne - Between the Teeth

This is an audio rip of a David Byrne live VHS tape that was released back in 1993 and has been out of print for ages. It was never officially released on DVD, although there seems to have been a bootleg DVD release, probably taken from the original LaserDisc version, and this is where this rip comes from. The show was recorded in 1992 with a Latin-style band, as that type of music was Byrne's preoccupation over the course of his first two "pop" solo albums, which is where most of the setlist is derived from - with a few Talking Heads classics he is obliged to always play, of course. This is not my favourite phase of his solo career - I prefer the later, more experimental stuff - but the songs are good, the arrangements of the Heads' tunes interesting, and the sound quality superb, so it's a nice snapshot of his live show in the beginning of the '90s.

Track listing:

1. Well (2:06)
2. (Nothing But) Flowers (4:41)
3. Girls on My Mind (3:55)
4. Mr. Jones (4:43)
5. Something Ain't Right (3:44)
6. Life During Wartime (5:07)
7. Women vs. Men (5:49)
8. Hanging Upside Down (4:30)
9. Lie to Me (6:17)
10. She's Mad (5:59)
11. Blind (5:25)
12. Make Believe Mambo (5:46)
13. And She Was (3:49)
14. Buck Naked (3:27)
15. Road to Nowhere (3:30)


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  1. Thanks for this David Byrne VHS audio rip! I didn't even know about this video! Unlike you, my favorite solo Byrne (apart from The Catherine Wheel) is Uh-Oh which features this Latin/Salsa direction.

    Funny story: i saw this similar tour in 1992, and seated right behind me was a Spanish dude (who probably had a few too many cervezas) who throughout the entire concert was screaming "Psycho Keeller!!!!" "Psycho Keyler!!!" "Play Psycho Keeelller!!!!!"

    It was quite amusing (i wasn't taping luckily) because i thought he would have enjoyed the Salsa/Mambo stuff being Latin, but all he wanted to hear was Psycho Killer!! ;)

    Finally, Byrne did the encore which was of course Psycho Killer and this guy was soooo happy. One of those funny true stories... i guess! --dandor