petak, 4. svibnja 2012.

The Devil Dogs - Live at the Revolver Club

Subtitled "The Greatest Rock'n'Roll Album You'll Never Hear!", this short and sweet live LP seems designed to be obscure - I just don't know whether it's a reference to a particularly limited pressing, or to a world that has been indifferent towards the Ramones for twenty years, so how much attention could the Devil Dogs expect? For those who don't know, and sadly there's too many of them, this band has been one of the starters of the Nineties' garage punk explosion, sharing seven-inchers with the likes of the New Bomb Turks (who idolized them, and deservedly so!), writing a shitload of incredible rock'n'roll tunes and releasing them on beautifully illustrated LP's and singles every decent household should own (I myself only have the "Big Beef Bonanza!" mini-album on vinyl, but I live in the third world so I'm excused). Of all the Crypt-and-related bands of this time period, I have always thought the Devil Dogs and Teengenerate to be the two most fun, exuberant and life-affirming ones; Teengenerate were usually more roughly recorded and produced, while the Devil Dogs were a more professional-sounding affair (well, in Crypt terms, at least!). This record however, and I don't know whether it's due to the original recording or the vinyl-to-mp3 conversion some kind soul has done, is much more harsh, loud and clipped than the Dogs usually sound, more in the Teengenerate territory, and I really don't know why I am even writing this because it really doesn't matter at all. The Devil Dogs are great any way you can hear them, but as this rip I'm posting is a lot truer to the original LP than the one available elsewhere (who encodes a rare record in 128 kb/s?! that's just mean!), I'd recommend it anyway.

Track listing:

1. Twist and Burn (2:03)
2. They're Not Around (2:16)
3. Chinatown (2:17)
4. Go On (2:00)
5. Action (2:56)
6. Pussy Whipped (1:42)
7. Hosebag (1:25)
8. Time Enough for Love (2:41)
9. Burnin' Love (2:12)
10. C'mon Lil' Baby (2:39)


2 komentara:

  1. Great great band.hugely underrated in the scheme of things.thanks for this.

  2. Thanks for this!

    And I totally agree that the Devil Dogs and Teengenerate produced some of the finest rock (or RAWK, as Crypt might spell it) of the 1990s. The "30 Sizzling Slabs" CD might have been the greatest value ever put on digital disc, rock-per-dollar-wise.

    By the way, if anyone is reading this in 2014, it looks like there's a Teengenerate documentary coming out.