srijeda, 2. svibnja 2012.

Peter Brötzmann - Live in KSET

I'm not a jazz fan, although I did try to get into it during my college years - turns out I'm still more inclined towards regressive punk than progressive jazz. Still, I'm sharing this because I know the guy is well loved and respected, and the recording is of a very high quality and not available elsewhere. I don't know when this show was recorded as Brötzmann has played in KSET a number of times - I think I might have seen him once, but I may also be confusing him with Mats Gustafsson. One of them played with ZU from Italy, but the fact that I fell on my elbow while pogoing and had pains in my arm for two months afterwards indicates that it was not a typical jazz show. Or was Brötzmann's show the one where a guy blew in a trumpet without playing any notes, just making a "PFFFFFF!" sound? And of course that gig was a sit-down affair in a tiny venue, so I couldn't leave until the first break, which took ages. Well, that was the last time I went to a jazz gig. I haven't listened to this so please tell me whether it's any good!

Track listing (a very useful one):

Disc One:

1. Track 01 (45:29)
2. Track 02 (3:37)
3. Track 03 (4:37)

Disc Two:

1. Track 04 (30:01)
2. Track 05 (14:01)

Fun fact: the first track is longer than any Ramones album.


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  1. PB Hamid Drake drums
    Michael Zerang drums
    Live November 7 2001
    Thanks a lot