petak, 7. rujna 2012.

Brze banane - Brze banane

Here's an incredibly shitty "pop-rock" band from the last days of Yugoslavia. If you're from these parts and the name "Mladen Burnac" means something to you, then you'll be happy to know that this is his first band's only record (and it's one record too many). If not, don't bother. It's crap yugo-pop with inane lyrics and cheesy music, only posted for historic trash value. I mean, look at them:

Oh yeah, the name of the band means "Fast Bananas". My god...

Track listing:

1. Kisa mi ne smeta (3:18)
2. Pero i Evropa (3:53)
3. Svjetla u daljini (4:29)
4. Galeb (Preko granice) (3:18)
5. Pokraj tebe ja cu leci (4:23)
6. Nema vise djevica (3:19)
7. Prosao sam sve (3:16)
8. Lola (3:22)
9. Na valu srece (3:45)
10. Od tvog pogleda (4:53)


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