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Galebovi - Two Little Girls

This 1989 tape by alternative rockers Galebovi ("Seagulls") from Osijek has been floating around the Internets for a while, but it seems to me that all the other links where it could previously be found are now dead, so I am sharing it here. It's nice enough late-80s rock, quite Serbian sounding to my ears, featuring lyrics by Osijek writer Delimir Resicki; fans of YU-alternative rock might like it.

Track listing:

1. Sjene na vodi (2:13)
2. Bulevar sumraka (4:39)
3. Rekla si (2:53)
4. Kraljica spava (3:56)
5. Kapela (3:47)
6. Tko je (2:01)
7. Zastave (2:02)
8. I Wanna Be Your Dog (1:46)

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