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Descendents - Live at Fun Fun Fun Fest 2010

I think there's a T-shirt with this motif. I have to have it.
So, I'm using my honeymoon as an excuse to visit the wonderful Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, Texas, and to commemorate the joyous occasion, I'm sharing the Descendents' set from the 2010 edition of the festival. To my knowledge, this was their first show since 2002; they were replacement headliner for DEVO, who had to cancel due to their guitarist's hand injury. I do have a lot of respect for DEVO and I love their first LP, but man, I can't imagine how UN-disappointed I'd be if  I was among those waiting for DEVO's replacement, and then learning that it would be the fucking DESCENDENTS!

Anyway, the show is pristinely recorded, the setlist is great, and although Milo isn't exactly Pavarotti anymore, after a few songs of getting used to his singing you'll love it. You can watch the (almost) whole professionally recorded thing up on Vimeo, but for some strange reason, two songs (compare my track listing with the photo of the setlist) have been skipped. I've managed to find a listenable recording of "Clean Sheets" on YouTube and added it to the end of the show, but "Pervert" will probably remain lost forever. I hope the remaning 29 tracks will help you get over that one. =>

Track listing:

1. Descendents (2:11)
2. Coolidge (2:43)
3. I Wanna Be a Bear (0:41)
4. Rotting Out (1:58)
5. Nothing with You (2:29)
6. Coffee Mug (0:38)
7. Hope (1:58)
8. Sour Grapes (3:46)
9. Pop (0:37)
10. She Don't Care (1:51)
11. Myage (1:59)
12. I'm the One (2:22)
13. When I Get Old (2:28)
14. Talking (2:34)
15. I Don't Want to Grow Up (1:26)
16. I Like Food (0:16)
17. Cheer (3:15)
18. Suburban Home (1:44)
19. Silly Girl (2:19)
20. Everything Sucks (1:36)
21. Get the Time (3:44)
22. Wienerschnitzel (0:09)
23. No, All! (0:07)
24. I'm Not a Loser (1:47)
25. (encore break) (0:55)
26. All (0:11)
27. Uncontrollable Urge (Devo) (3:03)
28. Bikeage (2:27)
29. Clean Sheets (bonus from different source) (3:22)


Look at them! <3

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