petak, 30. studenoga 2012.

Ritual Device - Trademark of Quality Years

Here's another cheapo purchase I made at Amoeba, a 500-copy limited edition live tour CD by the Omaha, NE noise rock band Ritual Device, priced at a ridiculous $1.99. The disc features nine cool dissonant tunes in the vein of The Jesus Lizard, with maybe a touch of Tad (or is it just because of the band name, shared with a Tad song title?) and perhaps Nomeansno. But to my ears it's mostly a bit tamer Jesus Lizard, by which I don't mean a copy, just similar-sounding contemporaries. If you're a fan of the late-80s/early-90s pigfuck sound, you should enjoy this. (As it happens, this very show is available on YouTube as a rather high-quality video recording, so you can watch it there, too.)

PS: The singer and the rest of the band later went on to feature in (Men of) Porn and Ravine, respectively.

A RD poster featuring the very same Kozik art The Offspring later used for their "Americana" album, and their singer supposedly wears a RD T-shirt in the video for "Keep 'em Separated"... Strange.

Track listing:

1. Introduction (2:35)
2. Cirmumcised (4:37)
3. Etude In F# (3:50)
4. Manipulation (2:50)
5. What You Got (3:33)
6. Old Milwaukee (3:28)
7. Sucker (4:21)
8. Untitled (5:30)
9. New Song 43 (2:41)
10. Porkfist (2:20)


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