subota, 1. prosinca 2012.

Killdozer & Ritual Device - Split Single

As a sort of a sequel to the previous post, and as a great virtual bonus-single to this compilation, here's a beautiful 10" record that came out on Man's Ruin in 1995, and features Led Zeppelin covers as performed by Killdozer and Ritual Device. Both full-length songs are amazing; Killdozer's track even features harmonica solos, which is surely not common on a Killdozer recording. Right now I can't remember whether it's a first for them, or there might have been some way back on their "experimental" record, "Snakeboy" (still my favourite). As for the short "Hotdog", it was a throwaway tune to begin with, but hey, we can't all be Nine Pound Hammer.

Best. Cover. Ever.
Track listing:

1. Killdozer - When the Levee Breaks (9:35)
2. Ritual Device - No Quarter (10:42)
3. Ritual Device - Hotdog (2:26)


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