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Bajaga i instruktori - Live in Osijek 14.07.1985.

Momcilo Bajagic wearing a Ramones shirt at a recent show. If only he'd LISTENED to them more...
This here bootleg is not something I'll enjoy listening to very often - Momcilo Bajagic "Bajaga" is a (then) Yugoslavian, (now) Serbian mainstream pop-rock musician whose songs, although quite popular round these parts, don't really do anything for me; and this recording, although coming from the soundboard, suffers due to a faulty connection somewhere between the mix and the tape recorder (or between the tape and the computer used for ripping), resulting in varying sound levels and loud clicks and pops. HOWEVER, this show does hold tremendous historical significance for me personally, because it was THE FIRST SHOW I EVER WENT TO. I was four years old and have no recollection of this happening at all, but my Dad (who is a fan) told me about taking me there, so I have no reason not to believe him. (I returned the favour some 25-odd years later when I took him to see Eddie and the Hot Rods; with the wrong singer and all, but that's what seeing a band 30 years after their prime will do to you). As far as I can remember my Dad telling me (and I don't want to ask him again because he has by now probably forgotten all about this and would therefore make me question the fact that I WAS THERE), the show took place in the field in front of the Osijek Student Centre (where I later saw much better bands, such as Overflow or Why stakla), it was free, and perhaps even happened during the daytime - I kind of remember that it was supposed to be a Sunday afternoon? (A quick check in the Windows calendar says that July 14th, 1985 really WAS a Sunday!) So anyway, I'm very happy to have it here, and if anyone wants to download it and have a listen to my first exposure to music with guitars, please do!

Track listing:

1. Sa druge strane jastuka (3:17)
2. Tekila gerila (3:42)
3. Nemoj da se zezas sa mnom (2:06)
4. Marlena (3:54)
5. Nemoj da budes nja nja (3:55)
6. Dobro jutro, dzezeri (3:09)
7. Poljubi me (3:35)
8. Dvadeseti vek (3:54)
9. Francuska ljubavna revolucija (3:06)
10. Sarene pilule za li-lu-le (2:48)
11. Limene trube (2:43)
12. Zazmuri (4:37)
13. Tamara (4:01)
14. Vidi, sta sam ti uradio od pesme, mama (3:02)


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