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Noise Slawonische Kunst - Noise Slawonische Kunst + Live OKS

This record is a cult document from the 1990's war in Croatia, or more precisely its Slavonija region and my hometown Osijek. The musicians who comprised this ad-hoc band came from several different Osijek bands of the time, some of which I have shared or will share on this blog (Die Hausers, No Passaran, Glad, Nahson Booz); the conditions in which these recordings were made are hard to understand to me, since I was a 10-year old kid while this was happening, but I did spend those ugly war years in the midst of it all so I can at least imagine. I don't feel really competent to retell this story, which can be found on the Internet (only in Croatian, though: here and here), so I will just throw in a few facts - the LP was recorded in November 1991 in the "Pauk" hall in Zagreb, while the live recording is from Osijek, probably around the same time in 1991, from - again, probably - the OKS club. The vinyl rip is not the greatest you could imagine, but it's good enough, and the live show sounds amazing. The extra track, a cover of "Lily Marlene", is of unknown origin (to me at least). Recently, a documentary movie was made about these recordings; it was directed by the singer, File, so I believe it is as truthful an account as possible - but unfortunately I haven't had a chance to see it yet.

I have actually owned a copy of this VERY rare record, but was foolish enough to exchange it for the triple LP "Sandinista!" by the Clash - now, after hearing it again after some years, I'm really sad I haven't kept it, because it is an important - perhaps THE most important - artifact of my city's alternative music scene. The music varies from dark synth-pop to angry noise-rock, but to my ears it comes closest to what Die Hausers were doing - unsurprisingly, as the vocalist, guitar and bass players came from that band, and many of these songs were later (perhaps previously, too?) performed and recorded by them. The lyrics, even with all the dark imagery, are actually quite life-affirming, considering the bleak times they were written in - see picture below.

I'm not quite sure, but I do believe this photo was taken right in front of the place where the live show was recorded, and in the same year. It's my (broader) neighbourhood, too.

"Noise Slawonische Kunst"

Track listing:

1. Krecemo na vas (2:42)
2. Shoot Me Down (2:50)
3. Throughout Darkness (4:29)
4. Ti si tu (4:13)
5. Pusti me (3:11)
6. Krecemo na vas (3:02)
7. Svatko mora biti svoj (4:10)
8. Zasto posvuda lete samo ti crni crvi (3:40)
9. Imam rijec (4:13)
10. Mogu poci u smrt, to upamti (1:22)
11. Gljiva (1:58)
12. Lily Marlene (bonus) (2:49)


"Live OKS"

Track listing:

1. Lesinari (2:06)
2. Gljiva (2:05)
3. Krecemo na vas (2:38)
4. Kao u izlogu (1:53)
5. Shoot Me Down (2:59)
6. Pusti me (2:59)
7. Throughout Darkness (4:15)
8. Ti si tu (3:58)
9. Heroin (4:02)
10. Imam rijec (4:30)
11. Krecemo na vas (3:08)
12. Mogu poci u smrt, to upamti (1:43)
13. Svatko mora biti svoj (4:02)
14. Zasto posvuda lete samo ti crni crvi (3:22)
15. Krecemo na vas (3:56)
16. Ti si tu (4:27)
17. Shoot Me Down (2:48)
18. Krecemo na vas (nije cijela) (1:17)


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