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Uncle Monk - Live at Beachland Ballroom and Tavern, Cleveland, OH

Photo stolen from cleveland.com.
Yesterday was Tommy Ramone's 65th birthday, so I'm a day late to dedicate this post to him, but never mind. For those of you who haven't been following him for the last few years this might come as a pretty big surprise: he is now one half of the bluegrass-folk outfit Uncle Monk (the other half being Claudia Tiernan), they've got one wonderful CD out (make sure to support the band and buy the disc on their website), and there are lots of good quality YouTube videos of them playing so you can quickly check out what they're all about. What I'm sharing here today is a recording of their full set from a Cleveland show in 2008, featuring a mixture of album tracks, officially unreleased ones ("Long Journey Home" being my favorite tune of theirs) and covers. The sound is good enough and the show is great; enjoy and don't hesitate to fill me in with the gaps in the set list, should you recognize any of the missing song titles.

Track listing:

1. Long Journey Home (3:35)
2. Name of the Game (3:24)
3. Mean to Me (2:38)
4. Home Sweet Reality (2:57)
5. Round the Bend (3:19)
6. (unknown) (2:09)
7. Mr. Endicott (3:42)
8. (unknown) (3:32)
9. Working on a Building (3:40)
10. (unknown) (3:19)
11. Walking Bandit (2:38)
12. Sunshine (2:50)
13. Heaven (3:19)
14. (unknown) (1:22)
15. Walls of Time (4:50)
16. Long Gone (3:08)
17. Don't Get Weary (3:49)
18. Happy Tune (2:58)


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