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Fecal Feedback - Live OKS 1996

Here's another long lost recording from the 90's Osijek scene: the sole recorded trace of a band called Fecal Feedback, with Struga from the later semi-notorious band Bud Spencer on guitar and vocals. It's noise-rock in the vein of "ekstreme guitar noise" by local heroes Why stakla and Cog (both found elsewhere on this blog), well liked during the time the band was active, however it was lost to the digital age up until now - everyone I know who used to have a copy of the tape had lost it (at least five people, myself included), so I was overjoyed when I finally located a copy in a friend's possession. It is a soundboard recording and the sound quality is pretty good, however this was never meant to be an official representation of the band, and it shows in the constant problems with the equipment, the offhand jokes and so on. Still, for want of a real studio demo, it's a good listen and a thing of importance - at least for a microscopic segment of the worldwide listening population!

Track listing:

1. Intro (1:25)
2. Isto (3:39)
3. Alright (2:24)
4. Mrak (2:55)
5. Zasto places oce (3:47)
6. Screwdriver (2:45)
7. Klekni pred mene (3:00)


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