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Regoc - Just So

A child's drawing of the band's namesake, a gentle giant from a children's tale.
I was surprised to find out that this excellent (and, sadly, sole) LP from Rijeka's noise-rock purveyors Regoc was not available for download in the "blogosphere". The only links I was able to find were dead for a long time, but the record's cult status actually surpasses its scarcity; tons of 100 € records are readily available for download in multiple locations, so one should expect a 10 € record which does enjoy some notoriety to pop up everywhere. Anyway, I'm glad to be able to make this music available again, as it is no less interesting than most of its celebrated contemporaries in the Touch & Go/AmRep circles. This post adds the only other officially released song by the band, whose members later featured in the long-running Very Expensive Porno Movie (the bonus song being "Blimp" from the "Best of Indie Rock - Made in Croatia" compilation). I hope you like it and rush to Discogs to grab yourself a copy!

The LP sleeve is great, too.

Track listing:

1. Toyota (2:54)
2. Super Song (3:20)
3. Fogy Frost (2:49)
4. Water Rat (2:03)
5. Dear Brenda (2:25)
6. Scorbut (5:16)
7. Goofy (3:24)
8. Maestro Violante (3:33)
9. Tirip Tap (3:57)
10. Blimp (4:50)


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