četvrtak, 16. lipnja 2011.

Carcass - Live at Terasa Verudela, Pula, Croatia 05.05.1992. - VIDEO

Here is the complete video of the first foreign band playing in Croatia since its declaration of independence and the beginning of the war, which was still raging when Carcass came to Pula. You can grab the audio of the show, along with the set list and a few pictures, here - it's a great blog ran by the guy who had recorded this show almost twenty years ago. Also check out a nice amateurish interview done by Croatian television here. Oh yeah, the opening acts were bands called HATRÖSS and CENOTAPH - I wonder what they sounded like? :)


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  1. :) I am the guy from Audioheaven :) The support bands were CENOTAPH from Trieste, Italy playing a fast and at the time brutal Death Black Metal and HATRöSS from Pula, the band where I sang, playing Thrash Metal (actually, the very first live performance after changing name from Devastation to Hatröss !). On the 04.05.2012 we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of that concert with an evening of music by Carcass, with DJ set and a live show from a Carcass cover band Necrosystem from Italy. Congratulations on the great blog!