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David Byrne - Live at Krizanke, Ljubljana, 10.07.2009.

Photos stolen from this guy.
Here is a bootleg I am especially happy to have found, as it is of a show I attended, and had a wonderful time at. This is from the 2009 "Songs of David Byrne and Brian Eno" tour, when David was promoting the then-new "Everything That Happens Will Happen Today" album, along with older material he did with Eno (early Talking Heads records, "The Catherine Wheel" solo album and the "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts" collaboration), and a few songs which had nothing at all to do with Eno, but were huge hits, seemingly deserving of sacrificing the concept of the tour (similar to the Iron Maiden "Somewhere Back in Time 1980-1989" tour, where every show included "Fear of the Dark", from 1992 - ah well). It was a great show, with a strong visual element you won't be getting here, but which you can see on the new "Ride Rise Roar" DVD - I haven't seen that yet, but I'm sure it is excellent.

I was rather disappointed to arrive at Krizanke and find out that the show was a sit-down affair, even thinking I wouldn't have taken the trip had I known that before; however, when all the dancing shenanigans started, I realised that being able to walk around, go to the bar and back, etc. would just be distractions to the whole experience, and that the show required your whole attention, which you really can't give unless seated down. Towards the end of the show, David called the audience to come forward and dance, and I believe this was the first occasion that I danced sober since finishing elementary school. I'm happy that you won't get the visual of THAT!

Anyway, the show is complete and very long, the sound excellent, and I'm very grateful to whoever recorded this for enabling me to relive the experience and share it with you, the loyal reader. Enjoy!

Track listing:

Disc One:

1. (introduction) (2:13)
2. Strange Overtones (4:45)
3. I Zimbra (4:40)
4. One Fine Day (5:56)
5. Help Me Somebody (3:48)
6. Houses in Motion (6:44)
7. My Big Nurse (4:06)
8. My Big Hands (Fall through the Cracks) (3:23)
9. Heaven (3:59)
10. Air (4:01)
11. Home (5:41)
12. Life Is Long (4:31)
13. Cross-Eyed and Painless (6:37)


Disc Two:

1. Born under Punches (The Heat Goes On) (5:18)
2. Once in a Lifetime (6:04)
3. Life During Wartime (5:50)
4. I Feel My Stuff (6:28)
5. (encore break + band introduction) (3:19)
6. Take Me to the River (6:10)
7. The Great Curve (5:54)
8. (encore break) (3:00)
9. Road to Nowhere (4:23)
10. (burning down the house introduction) (1:04)
11. Burning Down the House (3:40)
12. (encore break) (2:48)
13. Everything That Happens (4:43)


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