srijeda, 29. lipnja 2011.

Die Hausers - Promo Tape

Another legendary (at least in local circles) band from Osijek, Die Hausers played a very unique style of post-punk/noise rock during the Nineties; they still play live from time to time, but this tape, released by the M/F Scum label, is their only official recording. I don't own the cassette anymore so I am sharing a rip which I got from Soulseek, which originated from this blog; however their link is dead (may Rapidshare rot in hell), so here it is again, hopefully on a more permanent location.

Die Hausers in 1996.

Track listing:

1. Normalan (3:19)
2. Kontrola (3:05)
3. Nininananananunu (2:28)
4. Mozak (2:54)
5. U biti (2:03)
6. Normalan (3:13)
7. Ruke (2:51)
8. Ljudi (2:18)
9. Kontrola (2:59)
10. Slobodan (4:13)
11. Crvi (3:37)
12. Takav sam, kakav sam (2:02)
13. Imas rijec (2:05)
14. To upamti (1:18)


3 komentara:

  1. a little something :) unfortunately no other information on this...found it on the net 2 years ago...COULD be their first tape (Live tape for STUC), but who knows...

    enjoy :)

  2. thanks... recently found that on Soulseek and I do believe it is the STUC tape - will upload it some time soon, along with tons of other old bands from Osijek.

    jel možemo i na naški ili? :)

  3. ma može i na naški, rekoh kad je blog već na engleski :) slušam...