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Redskadrila - Promo + Live in KSET

This is the complete recorded legacy of a band some of my friends were in; three demo songs and two live shows recorded over their rather short career (a little over a year between the first and last gig, if I remember correctly). They played in a style I believe is called "combat ska", but this really isn't my scene - I can say I enjoyed their live shows a whole lot, but also that these recordings don't sound THAT great to me now; that's probably alcohol related though. If I try to be objective I'd say they were a rather good band with potential to become much better, which was never realised; if you're into this kind of stuff, they're definitely worth a listen.

Track listing (mildly accurate; please mail corrections if you have any):

1. Omladinac (4:22)
2. Potrosio si zivot (3:28)
3. Vasa demokracija (3:14)
4. Adelante comandante (live) (2:24)
5. Potrosio si zivot (live) (3:07)
6. Nepoznata (live) (3:49)
7. Zivimo jako dobro (live) (4:08)
8. Omladinac (live) (4:07)
9. O bella ciao (live) (2:03)
10. Jos jedna noc za nama (live) (3:18)
11. Vasa demokracija (live) (3:52)
12. Stalingrado (Banda Bassotti) (live) (3:15)
13. Adelante comandante (live) (3:16)
14. Potrosio si zivot (live) (3:56)
15. Nepoznata (live) (4:04)
16. Zivimo jako dobro (live) (3:50)
17. Omladinac (live) (4:02)
18. O bella ciao (live) (2:15)
19. Vasa demokracija (live) (3:48)
20. Jos jedna noc za nama (live) (3:05)
21. Go On Home British Soldiers (Banda Bassotti) (live) (4:38)
22. Nepoznata (live) (3:50)
23. Go On Home British Soldiers (Banda Bassotti) (live encore) (4:50)


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