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Mule - Singles, Outtakes and Live

Picture stolen from this blog.
There used to be a hateful tirade at the start of this post, born of a silly misunderstanding and best forgotten. In its place I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. K.M. for allowing me to share these recordings here.

Here is a great unreleased track, a different version of "Tennessee Hustler", and an hour's worth of mostly excellent-sounding live recordings by the wonderful Mule. The live recordings supposedly originate from Hamburg, but I have no idea whether they all come from a single show, or which order they were played in. I made a playlist by mixing the slower and faster material, and keeping the few poor-sounding tracks at the end, but you are free to sort them in whichever way you see fit. The live version of "To Love Somebody" is supposed to be an outtake from the Tempermill studio (like the two studio recordings, "Tennessee Hustler" and "Tell Me Now" - if that's really the name of the song), but it does have crowd noise at the end - would Mule bother with fake live recordings, and why? I guess we'll never know. It's a beautiful version anyway, well, if you know this band, than you know that the small body of work they left behind is 100% genius, so no surprise there. Enjoy!

Check out what this cool guy does.

Track listing:

Disc One:

1. Tennessee Hustler (2:07)
2. Tell Me Now (2:59)
3. Charger (2:51)
4. The Beauteous (single version) (5:21)
5. To Love Somebody (single version) (4:02)
6. Have a Drink on Me (5:03)
7. Tennessee Hustler (single version) (1:51)
8. Black Bottom (single version) (4:42)
9. To Love Somebody (live) (4:03)


Disc Two:

1. The Beauteous (live) (7:06)
2. Hayride (live) (4:29)
3. Noodle 1 (live) (0:41)
4. Charger (live) (3:44)
5. Obion (live) (5:47)
6. Mississippi Breaks (live) (4:21)
7. Tennessee Hustler (live) (2:05)
8. I'm Hell (live) (4:11)
9. Noodle 2 (live) (0:36)
10. Nowhere's Back (live) (8:07)
11. X & 29 (live) (6:10)
12. We Know You're Drunk (live) (4:01)
13. The Rope and the Cuckold (live) (6:03)
14. Searchlight - Pent (live) (5:06)


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  1. Puno hvala! Jedan od mojih omiljenih bendova!

  2. lalac, sad ću da skinem ovo i da šerujem na SLSK, nadam se da ću naići na tog lika. malo da pati :)

  3. That's because you took the outtakes from the bass player in the band.

  4. What makes you think that was Kevin Munro? And do you think sharing these is against the wishes of the members of the band? Even if it was him, I'd expect the files he shared on Soulseek to be free for sharing. And I still don't understand why a member of Mule would demand from a kid from Croatia to provide him with rare recordings of his own band, only to ban him for not being capable of doing that?

  5. Just to make myself clear, I would never want to go against the wishes of the artists. I simply figured that fans of a band with such an unfairly small body of work, who are still incredibly enthusiastic about it, should be able to hear these versions as well - they're certainly not demeaning to the "legacy" of the band in any way.

  6. I'll give you a hint- Sucio.
    I had recently moved all my music to an external drive and I forgot that stuff was on there. You were only meant to be banned for a moment while I decided if it was all right to share these tapes. I later decided that if you or anyone else wanted them it would be ok. Somehow I forgot to un-ban you. That is why I did not remove the outtakes from my drive. In a perfect world I would have to talk to Preston but I never did and that was unfair to him.
    I always want fans to have stuff we worked on and am proud of it.
    No one was demanding anything-I think something was lost in the translation or even the messaging because after all, you thought I was banning you from the tapes. I just needed to make a quick decision.
    I can call our keyboard player Bill and get a copy of "Drag the Lake" his probably is better quality than mine. I think Jim Kimble might have a copy of the Queen cover. I will ask him and see.
    If I ever get these I will give them to you. I think you should take down the story of how you got them and my posts but keep the music up. That is you decision, obviously.
    Kevin (

  7. I disagree - the story of how he got the tracks makes them even more holy. great story. Long live Mule.

  8. There's way too much drama on the internet as it is, Kevin is right, there's no sense in this staying here. I'll take down the unnecessary story today. Of course it is not solely my decision - if other people are involved, their wishes count as much or more. And I will be far more comfortable with the misunderstanding forgotten. Kevin, I'll write to you in more detail later today.

  9. Here is one more part I found hidden on my computer. I am guessing the last part you never got.
    03Feb11 06:37:50][w******] hey man, please come back! i have never ever seen this mule bootleg anywhere else, i gotta have it! oh god, a cover of "long gone daddy"?! :)
    [03Feb11 06:39:35][sucio!!!] must be a reason I have it and no one else.
    [03Feb11 06:54:35][s******] there is a track called drag the lake-never released and recorded at a studio in baltimore. I have a copy but the start is corrupted. There are maybe three more original tapes of this song floating around. There is also a Mule cover of a queen song "it's Late"
    [03Feb11 06:54:42][s******] Get them for me.
    [10Jul11 18:16:27][s******] I don't think I can give up any more of these. Preston might get pissed.

    (Ok I admit maybe I was drinking.)