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Radio Birdman - The Essential Radio Birdman Disc 2

Some years ago Sub Pop has released an anthology of the great Australian punk rock pioneers Radio Birdman, an excellent release with one major flaw: why compile HALF of a band's recorded output and call the thing "The ESSENTIAL Radio Birdman", when the half you left off is no less essential than what is on it? Why not do a nice double-disc anthology of both of their excellent albums, padded out with the few EP's and live recordings that feature non-LP material, and end the story once and for all? But, as Sub Pop was too cheap to do this (and it baffles me because the thing they did put out is quite lovingly and nicely packaged), now you have to chase the original albums on Australian websites, pay excessive prices for them, and, in the case of the second LP "Living Eyes", accept the inferior version without the corresponding EP tracks as the earlier one seems to be out of print. So, for all of us who own the widely available Sub Pop package, I have compiled the remainder of the material recorded during their original run (there was a reunion which spawned an album called "Zeno Beach" and I believe several live discs; a B-side from this era, "Rock Bottom", is included here, too), designed to be a bonus disc to the official "Essential" one. Have fun with it!

Track listing:

1. More Fun (1:59)
2. New Race (4:28)
3. 455 SD (2:44)
4. Dark Surprise (3:35)
5. Iskender Time (1:48)
6. Burned My Eye (1:50)
7. Monday Morning Gunk (3:05)
8. Breaks My Heart (3:01)
9. T.V. Eye (4:21)
10. You're Gonna Miss Me (2:41)
11. Didn't Tell The Man (3:14)
12. I-94 (2:48)
13. Death By The Gun (3:02)
14. Alien Skies (3:15)
15. Anglo Girl Desire (3:23)
16. Do the Movin' Change (2:27)
17. Hit Them Again (4:28)
18. If I Wanted To (3:06)
19. TPBR Combo (2:12)
20. Smith & Wesson Blues (3:02)
21. Rock Bottom (4:35)
22. Burned My Eye (live) (1:43)


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  1. thank you. i'm not that old, so i missed radio birdman before their reunion. and yeas, the late lp "zeno beach" is not filled with that much hits as their earlier releases but it's still a good lp. i catched them on a europe tour some years ago live, a bunch of really old looking men and their played a great show. impressing. if i will be able to rock that hard in their age, i would be happy