srijeda, 25. srpnja 2012.

Bambi Molesters - Coastal Disturbance EP

The Bambi Molesters are today probably the most critically-acclaimed surf band in the world, having such outspoken fans/collaborators as Peter Buck or Chris Eckman; quite a feat for a small band from a small Croatian town like Sisak. This 7" EP, released back in 1997 by the Plastic Bomb fanzine from Germany, is their second release (there was a tape called "Bambi Molesters Play Out of Tune" before, released by Slusaj najglasnije/Listen Loudest, which might be still available on a CD-R reissue from the same label), and features two instrumentals and two tracks which feature singing; after hearing them, it's really no wonder they gave up on singing completely, haha. Anyway, the recordings are charming and the single is currently not available anywhere, either in physical or virtual form, so here is a rip from my vinyl.

Track listing:

1. Coastal Disturbance (2:07)
2. She's So Soft Inside (2:21)
3. Wanganui (1:41)
4. 1000 Songs (2:43)


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  1. thanks for sharing this one. i remember when plastic bomb released this single, they put the instrumenatal tracks on their free cd which comes with the fanzine and i was a little mohawk punk kid at these times, very close minded and limited when it comes to music... i heard it for the first time and it was like 'wtf is this? it's definitly not punkrock, i can't listen to it. i'm a punk! but it sounds sooooo good. will i still be punk if i like this type of music??' these tracks made me make the first step into the world of music far away from categories and pigeonholing... it should take me some more years to cut my mohawk though

  2. Thanks a lot! Link/upload/download is still working!