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Gipss - Vragoder e.p.

Gipss were a '90s alternative/noise-rock band from the city of Rijeka, who released this 7" EP and a full-length album before disappearing in obscurity. The album can be found elsewhere on the net is out of print and not available, just like this EP (I've just realised the album's been taken down from Mediafire - I'll try to find a copy or maybe even rip my tape), and differs from the EP by having female vocals; the singer from the EP has left the band by then, if I'm not mistaken. Their sound is in the vein of Croatian '90s alternative scene, so if you like the type of stuff that can be heard on "Feathers, Wood and Aluminium" you'll probably enjoy this.

Track listing:

1. Djevojcica (2:36)
2. Nahrani me (2:39)
3. Ride (2:22)
4. Raspuce (2:44)
5. Neda (2:09)
6. Bullets Fly (3:00)


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  1. To te ja pitam!
    Šta reći neko veliko HVALA!
    EP tražim vremenima... :)