utorak, 24. srpnja 2012.

Gipss - Uh!

In relation to yesterday's post - it turns out that my girlfriend has a copy of the Gipss full-length CD, so here's that, too, for your slightly lesser enjoyment. Listening to the two releases back to back it's obvious that the album is much less "noise rock" than "RI rock", which to my ears feels to have aged rather more poorly. Still, it's not a bad album, some songs are quite good (I especially like the title song "Uh!", which has not appeared on the EP before, like most of the other better songs on the album - albeit in different versions), and it should be preserved as a document; so here it is!

Track listing:

1. Slika (3:56)
2. Zemlja (1:51)
3. Raspuce (2:46)
4. Sam (3:30)
5. Sijun (2:26)
6. Neda (2:13)
7. Program tvog kompjutera (3:21)
8. Djevojcica (2:29)
9. Uh! (Zig-zag) (2:46)
10. Nahrani me (2:41)
11. Sunce - Ride (7:11)


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