srijeda, 5. prosinca 2012.

KUD Idijoti - Necu da radim za dolare EP

This is a curious, semi-bootleg release, about which you can read more at the sadly retired blog that has originally posted it, Audio Heaven. Since all of its files have been taken down by Mediafire, I'm reuploading it here, so it can still be available for your dining and dancing pleasure. The last three songs are pretty uneventful, but the first two are alternate versions of a couple of great tracks from Idijoti's debut LP, "Mi smo ovdje samo zbog para", which are as great as the officially released ones. Enjoy!

By the way, the guy who used to run Audio Heaven now has a new blog, Pula Rock City, which features tons of rare recordings by bands from Pula; if you are interested in the rock sounds from that city, which you should be, go ahead and explore it.

Track listing:

1. Necu da radim za dolare (3:26)
2. Smrt (4:09)
3. Necu da radim za dolare (instrumental mix) (3:27)
4. Necu da radim za dolare (metal-dub extended remix) (8:27)
5. Smrt (instrumental mix) (4:09)


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