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Peach Pit - Live in KSET 2004

Picture taken at same venue, but five years later; stolen from terapija.net
A high-quality live recording of Croatian math-rock masters Peach Pit playing the KSET club in Zagreb. For fans of Don Caballero and similar bands, which are to my ears usually more "interesting" than "enjoyable". Peach Pit have lost a guitar player since this recording, and this actually made them more... let's say understandable to me, but if you're a fan of the genre, you should be impressed by what they are doing here.

Track listing:

1. 4x100m (10:30)
2. #2 (7:19)
3. Vertigo (5:40)
4. O biciklizmu (4:03)
5. RU-Fruitcake 2 (3:35)
6. Sonata (3:18)
7. Moj mikro (3:34)
8. Bonus (7:27)


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