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Atrophy - Demos + Live in Toronto 30.01.1989

Seeing as some of the most popular downloads from my blog are the metal bands - the Voivod demo, the Slayer bootleg, the Napalm Death rarities and so on - I guess I should feature more metal stuff and give the ex-Yugoslavian punk obscurities a rest from time to time. Trouble is, metal as a genre is VERY well documented on thousands of other blogs, and I'm really having trouble finding something which you can't get someplace else. Even this collection I'm uploading today is easy enough to compile from a few different torrent sources, but due to the nature of torrents and their relatively short lifespan, I hope I can provide it a more permanent home. So, Atrophy were a mid-to-late '80s thrash band from Tombstone, Arizona, who have released two official LP's, which are both still in print as CD reissues; this material however, features their six-song demo "Chemical Dependency" (an excellent tape, by the way), two more songs from another promo tape, and a shoddy sounding live show just for the hell of it. Everything but the promo songs was included on a bootleg CD called "Product of the Bong", but I have updated the "Chemical Dependency" songs with copies from a better sounding source.

Track listing:

1. Chemical Dependency (demo) (4:01)
2. Rest in Pieces (demo) (5:20)
3. Preacher, Preacher (demo) (4:26)
4. Suicide Pact (demo) (5:14)
5. Product of the Past (demo) (4:01)
6. Beer Bong (demo) (2:03)
7. Socialized Hate (demo) (5:00)
8. Matter of Attitude (demo) (3:27)
9. Urban Decay (live) (4:02)
10. Killing Machine (live) (4:00)
11. Rest in Pieces (live) (4:52)
12. Chemical Dependency (live) (3:30)
13. Product of the Past (live) (4:09)
14. Socialized Hate (live) (4:54)
15. Matter of Attitude (live) (3:43)
16. Beer Bong (live) (2:35)


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  1. Sećam se,negde 1988/89.,u MH-u najava za Atrophy ''Socialized hate''.Ništa,nabavim ga,i ono,teški krš je to bio.