petak, 25. siječnja 2013.

Thee Undertakers - L.A. Muerte 7"

Thee Undertakers were one of the original Los Angeles punk bands, but have somehow slipped through the cracks of the current fascination with this scene(or "scenes"; they were from East L.A., and that's a whole different story than the "Decline" crowd). Perhaps it has to do with them not being affiliated with the more well known L.A. bands from this time period, and them having released no music at all during their existence is certainly also to blame. Still, there is a great retrospective CD released on the Grand Theft Audio label which you can still buy, and that one is full of real punk gems, plucked from a session for an aborted LP and a collection of demos. This 7", released by Artifix Records and now out of print, is more like scraping of the proverbial barrel - two further nice but unremarkable demos, and two live songs of similar quality level. It's not bad at all, but I think of it as a cool bonus to the essential stuff collected on the CD. You really should buy the CD and then download this, but suit yourself!

Track listing:

1. Register to Die (1982 demo) (1:46)
2. Electric Eye (1982 demo) (2:08)
3. Don't Mean Anything (1980 Hong Kong Cafe) (0:56)
4. It's a Sin (1980 Hong Kong Cafe) (1:59)


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