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Death Disco - Demos

Death Disco were a Croatian post-punk band based in Zagreb, hailing from Split, and sounding like they were from Belgrade. They reminded me most of the legendary Yugo band Sarlo akrobata, perhaps a bit faster. They were active throughout the first half of the '00s, released one album, and quit soon after - which was a pity because they were getting better all the time and could have become a really great band; as it is, they were always fun live, and had some really cool songs, some of which were never released but are preserved in the form of the first half of this collection of demos. Along with the unreleased stuff I've added the two demos that were available from the band before the release of the album, one of which is a kind of a test run for the album, and the other an embryonic version of the band that sounded completely different than the final version. If my memory serves, the "band" at this point consisted only of the bassist and the guitar player, and the tunes were constructed via e-mails from Split to Zagreb and back. This demo does have its moments (and a great song title in "Buena Vista Death Dub"), but they've gotten much better when they became a real band. Nowadays, the bassist plays in a synth-pop band called Hemendex, the guitar player lives in Amsterdam, and the drummer is a writer with six published books (as of 2012).

Legendary photo of bassist Narantxa in my father's living room after a Death Disco show in Osijek.
Track listing:

1. Reli Sutjeska (2:01)
2. 66 (2:06)
3. Rezervni dijelovi (2:24)
4. Ja sam sisao s trake (2:15)
5. Meatball's Party (1:24)
6. Bunny Kebab Song (2:31)
7. Photo Death (2:39)
8. Kravate (3:49)
9. Seafood Restaurant (2:49)
10. New V (3:12)
11. Bunar (2:01)
12. Cekici (1:21)
13. Tajnici hoce na paradu/MIG A4 (2:18)
14. Roboti (1:28)
15. Paviljon (2:41)
16. Dijagrami (1:11)
17. Tramvaji dole (1:42)
18. Test (1:32)
19. Televizor (1:35)
20. Skare (Crveni signali demo) (2:14)
21. Slucaj (Crveni signali demo) (1:10)
22. Francuski brijaci (Crveni signali demo) (3:54)
23. Sudbonosno da (Crveni signali demo) (1:40)
24. To se ne jede (Crveni signali demo) (0:28)
25. Crveni signali (Crveni signali demo) (2:00)
26. Icepick 001 (Wrap the Pump demo) (2:56)
27. Cour'd Mallarde (Wrap the Pump demo) (4:49)
28. Killer Movie (Wrap the Pump demo) (4:40)
29. Braunnoisé (Wrap the Pump demo) (2:37)
30. Gold (Wrap the Pump demo) (5:24)
31. Buena Vista Death Dub (Wrap the Pump demo) (0:58)
32. I Like Little French Girls (Wrap the Pump demo) (4:31)


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