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Cog - Live Guranje s litice 29.04.2006

Here's a great-sounding (except for an unfortunately low level of the vocals) show by the great Cog, recorded and preserved by the guy who probably did the most for archiving Croatian '90s underground scene (and beyond), Igor Mihovilovic. It's from the latter part of their career, but it does feature two early "hits", "Belly Dancer" and "Puppet Play", which the bastards never played whenever I saw them past 1998 or so. The legend has it that they have even written a song in English called "Stare" so they could play it when somebody from the crowd yelled "Sviraj stare!" (play the old stuff) - but I haven't come across a recording of that song, and if they did play it, I don't remember (there was usually drinking involved). Thank you, Igor!

Track listing:

1. Intro (0:56)
2. Boombar (2:57)
3. 101 (3:26)
4. Darryl (Tech-Marvel) (4:11)
5. Argo (4:03)
6. Butcher Shop (4:45)
7. Micrographia (3:30)
8. Queen Ann's Revenge (3:45)
9. Puppet Play (2:16)
10. Belly Dancer (1:40)
11. Onvolvo (3:01)
12. Gambler (4:17)
13. Up Anchors, Down Sails (4:36)
14. Truckers and Rrivers (3:42)
15. Level (2:36)
16. These Robes Are Worn By Strangers and Strangers' Sons (3:50)
17. Puppet Play (Soundcheck) (2:03)


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