utorak, 22. studenoga 2011.

Joe 4 - Live in Sarajevo 2011 + bonus

Joe 4 are a great noise rock band from Croatia, a rare thing these days. Their sound is, to my ears at least, somewhere in the vicinity of Shellac/The Jesus Lizard (foreign), or Why stakla/Cog (Croatian) - and you can do much worse reference-wise, right? They have one 10" record and a compilation appearance out (with a Cog cover, rough mix of which is included here as a bonus track), which you can probably get directly from the band at http://joe4.bandcamp.com; they have also just finished recording their debut LP with a guy called Steve Albini. Google search says he did a Bush record before so expect some really great post-grunge melancholy! For a taster of their music here is a live recording from Sarajevo, quite good sounding but nowhere near actually seeing them live (you can't properly record on tape the fact that the singer is a body builder in short shorts). Thanks to the guys for letting me share this, admittedly not completely representative recording (it seems you can't properly record his voice either), and best of luck to them - although, judging by the amount of effort they are putting in the band, they probably won't need much of it to accomplish whatever it is they want to accomplish (marry Gwen Stefani).

Track listing:

1. Johnny (4:11)
2. Pop Is (3:23)
3. His Profile (3:40)
4. Cards Song (2:29)
5. Pigman (4:09)
6. Simon Says (2:52)
7. Spartacus (4:13)
8. Mars na Ilovu (3:16)
9. Simon (Cog cover - rough mix) (2:59)


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