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Iron Maiden - Maiden Japan Fan Club Edition

All Iron Maiden fans know about the brilliant 1981 live EP "Maiden Japan", recorded on a Japanese tour and featuring the last Maiden recordings ever to feature the wonderful Paul DiAnno on vocals; however, many of them do not know that the whole show from which these recordings originate was released some years ago, in the form of a very limited-edition fan-club-only CD. The disc features seventeen excellent-sounding tracks and the original, quickly rejected cover art with DiAnno's severed head; I've also added a second disc of early EP's, demos and compilation appearances to complete the picture. You can find all this stuff elsewhere online, but here it's all in one package, with some additional tweaking (i.e. the "bonus" 8+ minutes version of "Drifter" is most easily available from a slowed-down rip; here it's restored to its original speed), and a recent photo of Paul DiAnno to haunt you in your dreams:

Track listing:

Disc 1:

1. Wrathchild (2:58)
2. Purgatory (3:14)
3. Sanctuary (3:58)
4. Remember Tomorrow (5:21)
5. Another Life (6:51)
6. Ghenghis Khan (2:54)
7. Killers (4:41)
8. Innocent Exile (4:04)
9. Twilight Zone (2:31)
10. Strange World (6:13)
11. Murders in the Rue Morgue (3:02)
12. Phantom of the Opera (6:53)
13. Iron Maiden (4:02)
14. Running Free (3:02)
15. Transylvania (5:44)
16. Drifter (8:06)
17. I've Got the Fire (2:53)


Disc 2:

1. Iron Maiden (Soundhouse Tapes) (4:04)
2. Invasion (Soundhouse Tapes) (3:12)
3. Prowler (Soundhouse Tapes) (4:22)
4. Running Free (Axe Attack Demo) (3:02)
5. Sanctuary (Metal for Muthas) (3:32)
6. Wrathchild (Metal for Muthas) (3:10)
7. Women in Uniform (Live!! + One) (3:10)
8. Drifter (Live!! + One) (3:40)
9. Phantom of the Opera (Live!! + One) (7:34)
10. Innocent Exile (Live!! + One) (4:21)
11. Sanctuary (Live!! + One) (4:27)
12. Running Free (Live!! + One) (2:58)
13. Remember Tomorrow (Live!! + One) (5:46)
14. I've Got the Fire (Live!! + One) (3:19)
15. Prowler (1st Japanese Tour) (4:13)
16. Remember Tomorrow (1st Japanese Tour) (5:51)
17. Killers (1st Japanese Tour) (4:40)
18. Running Free (1st Japanese Tour) (4:01)
19. Transylvania (1st Japanese Tour) (4:36)
20. Drifter (Live!! + One bonus) (8:15)


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  1. Muy interesante esa reedicion, lo que me parece muy muy mal es que ella solo este disponible limitadamente para algunos fans, Iron Maiden deberia de pensar muy seriamente de lanzar este disco como una edicion oficial disponible para todos los fans del mundo, que como yo buscan el Maiden Japan EP pero el concierto completo!.

  2. Iron Maiden are a Big Mother Fuckers!!!, Special Release only for some fans?, well and the others fans (millions!!!!), very disapointed with my favorite band...

  3. Hi. Thanks for the post. I'm having reservations about Disc 2. To begin with, the original Live!! +one has four tracks only, recorded on July 4th 1980. All the "extra" cuts here come from a Greek CD with bits coming from Maiden Japan or EP's. Also I don't know where your "1st Japanese Tour" tracks come from. They don't match any setlist in Tokyo, Osaka or Nagoya. On "Transylvania", DiAnno thanks Dennis Stratton, long gone by then... Cheers


  4. Please, the links are broken, could fix ?


  5. Please, the links are broken, could fix ?