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Cosmic Psychos - Live at the Zoo, Brisbane, 23.06.2007

A good-sounding live set from Australia's ugliest band (and that's saying something!). Fourteen songs, fifty-two minutes, no big surprises but tons of classics.

The Cosmic Psychos have been the world's least nice band for nigh on thirty years, issuing wonderful examples of regular-guy misanthropy towards the world for the whole time; "I'm just a man who drank too much", "Damn, I shot the neighbour's cat" and "I don't think the neighbours like me" are all choruses from the same album. If you have managed not to find out about them yet and you do like no-bullshit working class rock, hurry up and hear what you've been missing.

Track listing:

1. Pub (4:09)
2. Mortician (2:51)
3. Lead Me Astray (2:24)
4. I'm Up, You're Out (4:08)
5. Dead in a Ditch (3:54)
6. 20 Pot Screamer (4:28)
7. Dead Roo (3:17)
8. Custom Credit (5:43)
9. Goin' to Hell (3:23)
10. Quarter to Three (4:16)
11. Bee Sting (4:15)
12. Back in Town (2:44)
13. Lost Cause (3:33)
14. Rip 'n' Dig (3:16)


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