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Various - Sides 1-14

This is a series of 7" singles with AC/DC covers and songs "inspired by" AC/DC, performed by artists such as Shellac, Killdozer, Mule, and other great bands. I have never seen the actual singles, but the pictures found on the Internet show that they are probably beautiful - they are way too expensive for me to ever own them, too, so here's an MP3 compilation of all the songs, featuring the driest production sound ever heard on a Shellac recording (which is saying quite a lot), beautiful acoustic-ballad reconstructions of AC/DC by Mule and Will Oldham (here under the moniker Palace Contribution), and a great song title in Denison/Kimball Trio's "Back in Blanc" (also one of their more listenable recordings, in my opinion - I was never able to get into them, although Duane Denison is without a doubt my favourite guitar player). A nice listen.

Track listing:

1. Shellac - '95 Jailbreak (4:25)
2. Big'N - TNT (3:34)
3. Brise-Glace - Angus Dei Aus Licht (3:29)
4. US Maple - Sin City (5:40)
5. Palace - Big Balls (3:15)
6. Zeni Geva - Let There Be Rock (4:33)
7. Mount Shasta - Whole Lotta Rosie (4:14)
8. Denison-Kimball Trio - Back in Blanc (2:32)
9. Zeek Sheck - Wowy, the Love Song (5:58)
10. Killdozer - Let Me Put My Love into You (4:19)
11. Yowie - Dunderduck (3:09)
12. Colossamite - Anti-Christ Devil Child (5:03)
13. Pre - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (2:47)
14. Mule - Have a Drink on Me (5:05)


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