utorak, 4. siječnja 2011.

Kvaka 22 - Kvaka 22

Kvaka 22 ("Catch 22" in Croatian) were a noise rock band from Zagreb who released this tape on the great "Kekere Aquarium" label back in 1994. I don't know anything else about them, and don't even like this tape very much, but maybe someone will be happy to have this - I don't think it's available anywhere else on the Web, and the transfer from tape was done by me a long time ago. The sound quality of the tape I had wasn't great (who knows what generation the dub was), so it's not great in MP3 either. Sounds similar to Santiago Durango's post-Big Black "Arsenal" project, if memory serves me right.

Track listing:

1. Suti (2:43)
2. (P)osveta (5:30)
3. Rupa (3:01)
4. Moj dan (3:49)


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