četvrtak, 6. siječnja 2011.

Red Aunts - SFTRI Picture 7"

 The Red Aunts were a wonderfully ramshackle female punk rock quartet who released five full length LP's during their existence, the second and third of which ("Bad Motherfucken 40 o-z" and "#1 Chicken") are absolutely essential if you like this kind of stuff. This seven incher was released on the Sympathy for the Record Industry label in 1993 and contains four exclusive tracks, the first of which is a Clash cover. It is now out of print but you can (and should) find it on eBay for a not-too-ridiculous price, however here is the MP3 version if you're not into vinyl gravedigging.

Track listing:

1. Retard Jenny Jones (2:18)
2. Foxhole (2:50)
3. Teach Me to Kill (2:33)
4. Meanstreak (1:51) 


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